Youtube Celeberties

Youtube has created and arena that has never existed before. It has allowed everyday people to become famous. In some instances they become instantly famous,usally from some type of unique knowledge or interesting action. More often than not most youtubers don’t become famous overnight. Usually they build up a small following over time and then their popularity just sort of snowballs.
Wengie is a very popular and famous youtuber. Most of her videos are centered around fashion. She has built up a huge following. She has her own website and blog. She is very energetic and exciting. Her personality is perfect for youtube. She has the right attitude and charisma which has served her will in becoming a youtube star.
As a child she wasn’t much into fashion,mostly because her mother was a very simple lady that wore common apparel. As she got older she started to develop an eye for fashion. As she learned more about the fashion world she began to share her views on fashion on her blog. She was working at a media ad agency helping small businesses launch their social media platforms. At this time she came up with the idea of starting her own social media channels. After blogging occasionally as a hobby she eventually decided to take it a bit more seriously. She began sharing more fashion news and tips on her youtube channel,which started to get a small following. Eventually more people started tuning in to see what Wengie’s views and tip about fashion were and her channel just exploded with followers. She is a prime example of how everyday people are becoming famous and building huge followings on their youtube channels. It takes a little time and practice,but if you have information that people want to her they will be tuning in and who knows you could be the next Wengie!

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