Women Leadership Delivers Results for Hall Capital

A diverse workplace can translate into enormous productivity for an organization meaning a better working environment for employees and better returns for the shareholders. The inclusion of women in leadership positions has in fact been proven to bring about outstanding results. Women have been found to portray transformational leadership better than men. This is perhaps what has inspired Hall Capital into one of the largest and most successful money managers in the Bay Area.


In an article that appeared in the Bizjournals, CEO of Hall Capital – Kathryn Hall accredits the organization’s success to diversity regarding gender, education, and backgrounds. Taking the steering role at the top of the company is a trio of Kathryn Hall, the President, Sarah Stein and the managing director of its general counsel as well as the chief compliance officer, Helane Morrison. The formula is what makes money for Hall Capital’s clients.


Hall Capital has gone a step above other organizations in the financial services sector. It doesn’t need to make special arrangements to create level playing field for women like is the case in other organizations. It has been implanted in the organization’s culture. The image has made the organization attractive to top women talent who find its policy naturally attractive to them.


According to Hall, as far as business school classes are balanced at 50-50, the same should reflect at the workplace. There is no reason that should make firms remain dominated by men. She adds that the open office policy in the firm has seen huge benefit due to the collaboration levels enhanced.


One of the rocks at Hall Capital and that has contributed to the firm’s recent milestones in leading financial service provision is Helane Morrison. Since she joined five years ago, the company has been rising from strength to strength. She ranks among the most successful.


Hall Capital’s diverse leadership culture inspired Morrison to join the company. She was determined to use the open platform provided by the company to restore investor’s confidence in the financial markets. She believes that Hall Capital is a fit to her capabilities and where she can make an impact in the entire industry.


Helane Morrison has a wealth of experience both in the public and private sectors. Before joining Hall Capital, Helane was the head of Francisco office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission from 1999 to 2007. The B.S. in journalism graduate has also had a stint in journalism at the California Law Review where she served as the Editor in Chief.


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