William Saito: In Pursuit of Greatness

We are living in some of the most contemporary of times. What would life actually be like if there weren’t any advanced technologies? It would definitely be hard trying to imagine what life would be like, but we all should feel proud of the world’s tech-minded individuals who develop these innovations. On the other hand, one of the most tech-savvy individuals in modern-day society is William Saito. This extraordinary man has been at the forefront of many major tech revolutions. This Japanese-American figure is the quintessential businessman. Thanks to his brilliant way of thinking, Saito has been named as “One of The 100 Most Influential People In Japan.”

When it comes to encryptions, Saito stands out amongst a crowd. He is a brilliant-thinker to some degree, and he uses his thinking ability to create solutions in the tech industry. He is also leader in cyber security as well as a leader in biometric authentication. In some cases, the most gifted people who have a strong passion for advanced technology never get the credit that’s due, and these figures will often go unnoticed. In 2005, William Saito founded a venture capital company that develops global talent from within this sector of business. Tecure was its name, and the Tokyo-based firm did a wonderful job helping entrepreneurs in becoming more successful.

“Design thinking is the methodology that I use,” said Saito. If you’ve ever been to Japan, especially Tokyo, then you’ve probably noticed how technologically advanced the city actually is. Japan has definitely been going through a tech-revival over the past few decades and Saito has invested capital into at least 25 startup businesses. What more could anyone ever ask for? “Failure is a fundamental requirement of innovation,” said Saito. This short article can’t do William Saito any real justice, but you should have a much better idea of how special this futurist truly is.

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