Why Michel Terpin Prefers the T-Rex Model

Since Michel Terpin started using the T-Rex model, he has nothing short of praise for the rally car as it has propelled to the most significant height despite his brief stint as a rally driver. He attests that the model is the weirdest car he has ever interacted with since he started driving. Primarily, the car gives a unique adrenaline rush whenever he is behind the wheels. Despite the rugged escarpments and landscapes that a rally driver has to pass through, this car comes out with minimal ‘bruises’ thanks to the sturdy chassis that the car possesses. From these deliverables, the model is gaining much reputation among rally drivers in Brazil and other neighboring countries, and MEM: the manufacturing agencies are top gear in continually developing the car.

Internal Features

The car has the best internal features that any rally driver will love despite the rarity of the car model. The car has a robust car engine capacity of 1.6 liters with an inline-four engine with two side by side leather-coated seats. Despite its bump in power, the T-Rex model remains a unique engine that is very powerful compared to other rally cars. On this, it produces 160 horsepower at 7700 rpm. Michel Terpin also explains that the car has 129-pound feet with a torque of 5250 rpm. The feet are also mated to the dominant 6-speed sequential transmission which ensures that the electronic systems in this model. These features make the T-Rex car more suitable for driving rally car with a lot of pleasure and at ease.

The Exteriors

The exterior of the car is just a flick in the making as it features a 3-tone black bodywork that is also strong in chassis. Additionally, the mean-looking derriere is an exhibit of readiness while traversing the gravel roads across Brazil and is also suited for mountainous regions. A look at the wheel shows a custom made for tackling the at times muddy and dusty countryside roads. The T-Rex also boasts of sturdy engine covers coated in brass plates, and it is also similar to the carbon-fiber protectors covered with plates.

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