Where Igor Cornelsen Might Tell You To Invest Your Money

For many middle class Americans they usually think about their present circumstances and going to work from 9 to 5 while saving up money to have a little fun on the weekend. But Igor Cornelsen has a little bit of advice for them to do more with that money and save up not just for one weekend or one vacation of fun, but to really invest in a future that will have what they need. That future might be buying a new car or house, sending a child to college one day or even retirement. Cornelsen encourages investing in stocks and other securities and even has tips on investing in foreign countries such as Brazil.


Igor Cornelsen is a man who can be trusted because he’s invested even during some turbulent markets. He was the portfolio manager at several big Brazilian banks for many years but then retired and became a private investor in startup companies and other stocks. Cornelsen knows that with the economic shifts the US and Brazlian stock markets have had it’s hard to know what you should invest in sometimes, but he’s offered some pointers for new investors to get started with.


Cornelsen recommends investors start out small with a variety of stocks and mutual funds to make sure their investments are diversified. The reason it’s good to own multiple stocks instead of one big large investment is that losses in one investment could be offset by gains in another one. Second, Cornelsen says investors should have a long-term goal for investing instead of trying to get rich overnight. The stock market has a lot of ups and downs and making a lot of trades right away usually leads to a huge loss. And Cornelsen also says investors should consider damaged stocks as a starting point for investing to buy low and sell high. Corneelsen also says investors should consider looking at Brazil as a good foreign investment, but does warn that they should do a lot of homework on government regulations and local banks before jumping into it. You can follow Igor  Cornelsen on Tumblr and Twitter. http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/igorcornelsen

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