Wessex Journals and the Need of Adequate Transportation

The prestigious Wessex journals are something to marvel at. With that being said, their influence cannot be ignored. In particular, is the International Journal of Transport Development and Integration. As the global population swells into uncharted territories, more and more people are getting on the road. Therefore transportation needs to become more efficient. Each sector of the transportation needs to review and improve methods of getting around. Whether using a car, plane, rail system or a boat, the intent is the same.

People need to get from point A to point B. With recent technological advancements, humanity has yet to address transportation issues afflicting society. There are many loopholes regarding safety. Many vehicles are unsafe, yet people continue to use them. In addition, the infrastructure of modern society is crumbling. If not properly addressed, it could have serious ramifications for years to come. The effect of poor transportation affects everyone.

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