Welcome to the World of Fagali

Fagali is a Samoan island located in the central area of the South Pacific Ocean. According to the 2006 Census, there was a population 1,571 people that called the island their home.

Fagali is a small, remote area that tourists enjoy for vacationing. It is a great family vacation, as there are plenty of activities for children. It is also a romantic, enchanting place for couples as well. As small as it is, one will never be bored there. Here are just a few things to do on the village-island:

Yoga Hiking

These tours are stress relievers. You can choose either a beach or forest tour to unwind and destress. Highly skilled yoga instructors are there to guide, from the novice student to the experienced yogi. Read about the things to do in Fagali at Wings Journal.

Piula Cave Pool

This attraction is not that well-known, so very few people go there. Piula Cave Pool is a freshwater pool in Fagali that flows into a cave. It is very dark, and with not many people, very quiet. It is recommended you bring a flashlight.

Fiafia Night

Now this is live entertainment! Fiafia Night is stamped in Samoan tradition. There are dancers and live Samoan music, along with fire-spinning. Yes. Fire-spinning.

Samoa Cultural Village

The Samoa Cultural Village allows you to experience Samoan culture within the Fagali village. Visitors learn about basket-weaving and woodwork. They see firsthand how goods are produced in the Samoan culture. Visit Estadao.com to know more about Fagali.

Scuba Diving

Being in the Pacific Ocean, it only makes sense to go scuba diving. The ocean and the Coral Sea are breathtaking. Visitors are assigned an instructor and a guide to ensure safety and a wonderful experience.

Club X

In addition to the mesmerizing entertainment of Fiafia Night, there is a nightclub for adults to enjoy called Club X. They play a variety of music genres, from Rhythm & Blues to House to Reggaeton.

Fagali offers so much excitement, culture and spirit. One cannot help but fall under the island’s gorgeous spell.

View: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fagali%27i_Airport

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