Wall Street Meets The Woods

Connecticut is the home to many people who cut their teeth in the financial industry in New York. It is a state full of advisory firms, hedge funds, and private equity firms, yet it is highly unlikely that even one of the founders of any of these firms got their start in the bucolic woods of Connecticut. In just a few years on Wall Street, which includes all firms in New York that are even within blocks of the stock exchange, people walk away feeling like they got their PhD in record time on that venerated street. The frenetic pace really highlights the sink-or-swim element of those working in many industries, but in the financial industry, it is a slightly less forgiving animal.


That said, if you have success on Wall Street, within no time flat, you can remove yourself from the city life, and work from the suburbs with a significantly, shorter, train-free commute. Not everyone wants to stop working in the city, but there are regularly changes in firms in the financial industry, so much so that for a long time, employees kept the plant in a box, under their desk, ready to go when the firm either closed, changed names, or just gave a bunch of people their walking papers. You can visit Crunchbase to know more.


Stephen Hicks of Southridge Capital in Ridgefield, Connecticut, did work in the city for a long time, and when his boss said he was shutting the New York operations, and returning to his home country, Mr. Hicks saw that as an opportunity for him to strike on his own, which is exactly what he did. No longer working in Manhattan, he is running a hedge fund from the woods of Connecticut. One of the hardest things, however, about being a talented money manager is that you can’t clone yourself. Much of what is done on Wall Street is purely instinctual, and if you are really good, you will have long, albeit productive days. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Stephen Hicks readily admits that his day is divided between monitoring all investments as well as looking for new opportunities. Currently he is excited about marijuana stocks and cryptocurrency. Smart traders would agree these are the hot spots, and smart hedge funds, like Southridge, are undoubtedly taking advantage of that trend.



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