Victoria Doramus and the Story of Addiction

It is very common for people to find themselves struggling with addiction. One of the misconceptions of addiction is often that only people who are poor can be addicted. The truth is that addiction can affect people in various walks of life. One person who has struggled with addiction if Victoria Doramus, a marketing expert. She has shared her experiences in overcoming drug addiction. Given the life choices she has made while breaking free of alcohol addiction, she can be a great example to others who may find themselves struggling with addiction. She can also help keep people from falling into that trap.

According to, Victoria Doramus has found herself in rehab in Tucson, Arizona. She had no knowledge about addiction and what it really is. When she was there, she has learned a lot about it. This has helped her overcome the struggles she had with alcohol and drugs. She has gotten to a point where she could not manage her life. Afterwards, she has spent about 45 days in the facility. However, this has turned out to be only the first of many other attempts in the struggle that would result in her eventually becoming homeless. Visit her website to learn more about her ventures.

In her journey, Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) has learned something new about addiction. One thing that she has realized about addiction is that it was not about the substance she was addicted to, but something that was much bigger. One of the traps that she has fallen in was that she tried so hard to control the outcome. She was eventually able to take her life back. Right now, she is doing everything she can to maintain emotional sobriety by going to groups. For her work, Victoria works as a marketing expert. She has a talent for finding trends that businesses can use for their marketing campaign. View Victoria Doramus’ career history.


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