Various Developments in the Career Life of Peter Briger

He currently works as part of the top management team at Fortress Investment Group. In 2006, he was appointed as a member of the firm’s board of directors. Three years later, he became the co-chair of the board. Peter Briger’s role at Fortress is to streamline its credit and real estate business. He has worked in the investment management firm for almost two decades now. Before he joined the company, he worked for at Goldman, Sachs, and Co.

Other than making a profit from his various ventures, Peter Briger is passionate about making a positive change in the lives of vulnerable members of society. To achieve that, he works with non-profit organizations such as Tipping Point and Caliber Schools. Tipping Point was established with the aim of helping low-income families in the country. He studied at Princeton University where he acquired a BA and later an MBA from a recognized institution.

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At the helm of the organization, Mr. Bridger has led the firm towards profitability and a trendsetter in the industry. He played a key role in transforming Fortress Investment into a public company. It has expanded its business portfolios over the years to the current level where its assets have an estimated value of more than $43 billion. The number of investors has also grown due to improvement in investor confidence and currently stands at 1,750.

The Peter Briger led investment management firm has its headquarters in New York. It provides an employment opportunity to nearly 1000 professionals from all walks of life. Mr. Briger also works with other business executives including Randal Nardone and Wes Edens at Fortress. The company specializes in areas such as mergers and acquisitions for its clients and capital markets operations. Fortress works with various stakeholders at a company to ensure the success of mergers and acquisitions.

The success of Fortress Investment Group can be attributed to the teamwork of highly experienced individuals. In 2010, Peter Briger led the firm in acquiring American General Financial Services. After a short period, the assets that were previously managed by the acquired firm experienced a significant increase in value.



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