Up Close and Personal with OSI’s President, David MacDonald

In an interview with the current president of OSI group, David MacDonald, OSI has always had a tremendous desire for growth and progress from the time he came on-board, over three decades ago. While he may not be able to tell the original vision of the founders of the company, MacDonald believes that growth has been a propelling force for the company’s current and future success. The company’s vision was always to become a global name and in turn become valuable to its clients. This has been the driving force behind the company’s growth over the years.

OSI continues to excel because of its dedication to nurturing entrepreneurs who are concerned about the customer, regardless of their ethnic differences. This is one of the company’s core beliefs that held for the longest time. The company also involves clients in the solutions they provide. This involvement is very instrumental in helping them offer flexible services depending on what the customers need. The business relationship is a crucial part of OSI Group as it helps foster the company’s future growth.

David MacDonald continues to serve as the president of OSI Group. Before assuming this role, he served as project manager of the organization. He also serves in the capacity of the chair for the North American Meat Institute. In previous commitments, he served as Independent Director of Marfrig Global Foods in 2008 when its mother company had acquired OSI’s operations in Europe and Brazil.

McDonalds’ is on the board of directors for OSI Group, LLC. He serves as the director of OSI International Foods Pty Limited in Australia. He is able to achieve all these because of his educational background as he holds a degree in animal science from Iowa University.

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