UKV PLC Offers Investment Option While Sourcing High-quality Wines

UKV PLC, a UK-based wine consulting firm is following a disruptive strategy that wins for all the parties including buyers, sellers, and investors. The wine consultant offers a number services that including grading and valuation of wines, storage options, selling and delivery services, brokerage services, and investment options.

Currently, it sells a number of wines including Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italian, Spanish wines, and Champagnes through its online platform. The dedicated team of UKV PLC helps its customers to choose the right wine or champagne according to the purpose or occasion and advises whether any better option available.

Interestingly, UKV PLC works as an independent company without any tie up and hence, it can source high-quality wine from any winemaker. It maintains a supply chain of a vast network of traders, merchants, brokers, etc. to meet the ever-increasing demand for high-quality wine. The firm works on an acquisition business model primarily and sells through its platform. Also, the winemakers can list their products directly on the platform and sell it by paying a brokerage fee to UKV PLC. Differently from other makers, UKV PLC has a broad range of investment-grade wines that offers high return investment options for customers. The investors get financial benefit advice and taxation structure on investment from the firm.

Based in London and Surrey, the wine firm dispatches products to Wales, England, and Scotland, and its online platform is very convenient for customers to buy the wines of their choice and get it delivered to the home. Considering it has an extensive collection of vintage wines, the customers get a great chance to enjoy some rare and tasty wines in the world. UKV PLC is active in social media as well with regular updates on health benefits of wines, tastiest wines, wine tips, how to rate quality wines, special wines sold by the firm, etc., through its official Facebook and Twitter pages.

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