True Innovation is Happening at Burch Creative Capital

Chris Burch has an all-encompassing business portfolio with a rather impressive breadth. He is collaborating with entrepreneurs across many industries including hospitality, apparel and lifestyle brands. Of recent note is Cocoon9 the luxury prefab housing model that is currently getting a lot buzz.

Chris is a strong proponent of the tiny house movement, both for the aesthetic value as well as the limited environmental impact that these structures have on their surroundings. He believes in helping others and is always willing to assist upstart entrepreneurs with their business ideas. In fact, Burch Creative Capital does just that, young entrepreneurs that are just starting out seek out his firm in order to share their ideas with him. Chris evaluates each prospect upon its relevant merits and weighs how they will mesh with the existing Burch Creative Capital portfolio, for further reference, check their website at

Burch has been an industrious and hard worker from a very young age, and his father put him to work at a construction company beginning at age 13. The current business landscape has a lot of facets that excite Chris and get his creative juices flowing. The collaboration that he has entered with talk show host Ellen Degeneres has been a particularly positive experience. He credits Ellen herself with a lot of why her lifestyle brand has been successful and notes her relatability and the way that she fosters a strong connection with her viewers.  Head over to to read his insights on things around his area of focus.

The lifeblood of Burch Creative Capital is innovation and new partnerships that have a common goal of excellence. Burch has enjoyed multiple successes in his career as well as a number of challenges. He appreciates them both and all that he has learned so far in his career. Additionally, he believes that risk taking may be the single most important personality trait of entrepreneurs. It is not without a leap of faith that people will travel on an unknown path, and it is especially difficult to persuade others to follow you to places that are heretofore unexplored.

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The passion and drive of Chris Burch make every day an adventure, whether he be in Indonesia expanding Nihiwatu or taking meetings in Los Angeles, he is constantly on the move and always on the hunt for new ventures and interesting collaborations. For related article, check  His advice to those on the entrepreneurial path, and to everyone really, is to always listen. It is amazing how much someone will tell you about themselves if you just listen.

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