Todd Lubar is the renowned real estate guru

Todd Lubar is the Legendary Investments’ Senior Vice President and the TDL Global Ventures President. For over two decades, he has been venturing into the real estate business and helping people own homes. Apart from being a real estate expert, Todd has had first-hand experience in entertainment, construction and banking, particularly mortgages. Todd has used his expertise in the business world to serve his community by empowering others to be successful.

TDL Global Ventures came to birth after Todd took up the task of helping people own their own homes after working in the finance industry for many years. Todd is very enthusiastic about how technology is advancing and helping grow businesses.

On Geeks News, Todd Lubar advises anyone in business or hoping to start one that they should be always aware of their operations at all levels of the business. This familiarization ensures that better decisions can be made when the need arises. Todd also states that the company that one keeps can influence the levels of growth and success. As an entrepreneur, Todd knows that building a business is hard work and he works hard to ensure that he gives his business the best. Todd has fostered trust and good communication in TDL to ensure that the team members are working honestly and together towards the same goal.

Todd Lubar got a position with Legacy Financial Group in 1999 which enabled him to expand his lending abilities. About 4 years later, he started Legendary Properties, focusing on the development of residential property. The transactions carried out through this business were more than 200 and they were of different capacities, small and large. Through his work at this time, he built his relationships with clients and financial institutions.

In 2003, Charter Funding was founded by Todd to expand on mortgage facilities. The mortgage facilities were offered to companies and individuals as well. As the mortgage industry was expanding, Todd managed to keep his analysis for this business at the top and even engaged in commercial demolition. He also tried out the recycling of scrap metal for automotive at some point. Todd settled in Maryland with his family with a goal of adding value to anyone he has the opportunity of engaging with.


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