Todd Lubar Establishes TDL Global Ventures to Aid in Loan Processing at Affordable Interest Rates

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur. Currently, he is the founder and president of TDL Global Ventures. His career began from a lower point of learning the drifts of various markets. In 1977, he was a student at Sidwell Friends School, geographically located in Washington DC. He graduated in 1987 and joined University of Syracuse where he majored in speech communication.


Right from college, Todd Lubar landed a job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He worked at Crester for four years. He left the company to join Legacy Financial Group. In that company, Todd Lubar focused on helping clients with credit management. He was in charge of loan processing and oversaw the processing of over 100 million loans in a year. That was good business for the organization. Todd Lubar then left Legacy to join Charter Funding in Arizona. He was the senior vice president of the company. This was an affiliate of Magnus Financial Corporation.


In 2007, Todd Lubar drifted back to the real estate and mortgage industry. He focused on financial services. At that juncture in his career, he started a unique business that comprised of commercial demolition. He additionally ventured into automotive scrap metal that capitalized on recycling. Throughout his career, he focused on building relationships with not only clients but also employees. He accessed different business niches and reached the less affluent customers in the market. He consequently established Legendary Financial LLC. This is a subsidiary of Legendary Properties LLC.

Legendary Properties

Legendary Properties allows borrowers to borrow as much as the income can pay back. It is a company that allows low-income earners to access loans at affordable interest rates. Through the company, Todd Lubar transacted more than 7000 transactions. This paved the way for his understanding in risk management of loans. Todd understood the importance of studying the market conditions before lending money to clients.


In his interview with Inspirery, Todd Lubar was asked how he came up with TDL Global Ventures. He stated that his experience in credit management paved the way for a new business focused on helping the less fortunate. That marked the birth of TDL Global Ventures.

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