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One of the best ways to improve online enterprise or SEO ranking is by looking to Status Labs for help. Status Labs makes use of some of the finest Search Engineers to push both inaccurate as well as negative information down on the SEO ranking and put their clients at the top of any search engine.

Status Labs has been labeled as an online reputation manager that allows any website to engage any particular type of audience in the web content that is pushed through Status Labs. Using Status Labs is not only beneficial for marketing a brand, but it is also beneficial to create solutions that are tailored to each and every client. Status Labs is especially motivated to work with clients and the media that are centered around the world. To motive and end goal is to increase international marketing of any particular brand.

Status Labs is a company that specializes in pitching a successful PR. Recently, the company has published an advice column that discusses the 5 main tips on how to pursue a successful PR campaign. These 5 tips include…

1.) Staying on the Topic

Only focusing on the topic to which one is pitching is key to getting a point across. This involves contacting only those who can truly help with one specific topic. Any other contact is irrelevant and will therefor make the client uninterested.

2.) Short and Concise Pitches

To captivate listeners, the best thing to do is to keep any presentation short and concise. This means that PowerPoint presentations should only display a few lines instead of full paragraphs.

3.) Know Who You are Pitching to

It is important to know your audience before pitching any idea. This even includes knowing personal things such as their favorite restaurant. Knowing these things will leave a better impression for the audience. You can get to know the audience before the presentation through email or through Facebook.

4.) Offer the World to the Client

Making the best presentation as information packed and positive as possible will ensure the client that that presentation is the best thing that they have every seen.

5.) Tell a Story

When presenting a pitch, it is important to make a story out of the pitch instead of just presenting dry facts. Telling a story will engage the audience more.

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