Timothy Armor Provides Expertise In A Career He Is Passionate About

Timothy Armor has worked at Capital Group since he started his investment career thirty-three years ago. He started out in their Associate’s Program and quickly made is way to working as an investment analysis covering global telecommunications and service companies in the United States. Armor got his bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College in Vermont. Naturally, with all this experience and a sense of pride in where he works, Armor became the Chairman after James Rothenburg passed away in July 2015.

Capital Group Companies is one of the world’s largest financial service companies. Located in Los Angeles, California the company has several product offering, the biggest one being the forty some mutual funds in its subsidiary. The company targets high worth investors in the United States, as well as a wide range for international clients as well.

Armor works alongside his fellow senior managers, Rob Lovelace and Phil de Toledo. Their goal is to continue with Capital Investment’s solid business plan and keeping communication open to the customers they serve in several different countries. The group understands that their success is prided on the associates who “align behind our mission to deliver superior, long-term investment results to our investors and clients”.

Before becoming the Chairman, Armor was the Management Committee Chairman of the company’s research group. It was understood before the death of James Rothenburg that this would be the succession and Armor felt great pride in the fact that he had time to learn from his mentor before he passed away.

With concerns over China’s slowing economy, Armor feels that they will follow a similar pattern to the United States during our 2008 recession and is setting is goal as the Chairman to calm fears of international trade. Advice that should be trusted with all of his expertise and experience.


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