The Wonderful World of IP

The internet, since its creation, has been considered a fairly neutral zone when it comes to conducting business. In the beginning, small businesses and startups loved to use the internet for its ability to offer cheap marketing options and low overhead with product inventory. These benefits aside there is also a list of dangerous caveats that have always been present, with more revealing themselves as the internet has evolved. The issue with fair use, how IPs work within the virtual world, and how a quickly globalized society can create fine lines between lawful and illegal use has been the focus of the world economy. Luckily for many businesses, there are individuals out there who specialize in this kind of law, with one of them being Dr. Kamil Idris, an author of many books on the topic of challenges to IP protection.


Dr. Idris is a specialist in IP law. An IP is a unique number issued to a product, also known as an intellectual property. This number gives the original distributor of the product sole rights to market and sell it, whether it be in a physical storefront or in a virtual environment. Since the internet has for the longest period of time been considered a neutral territory, not being controlled by any particular country, the correct laws to follow for IP usage has been a slippery slope. Each nation has its own laws when it comes to IP infringement, copyright violations and what is considered fair use. Dr. Kamil Idris, whose expertise is dealing with such issues, has the job of identifying possible infringements on IP use and comparing the individual laws that the possible violation might be affected by.


Dr. Idris is a very skilled professional and is well respected for his work, both online and in the physical world. His clients are mainly small businesses that deal with a number of online storefront properties;l businesses that frequently make use of different IPs for their livelihood. Idris is employed by these companies as a means to identify possible issues with IPs and stop them from being placed for sale before any law is broken. This allows clients to avoid breaking any laws and thus prevent them from corporate ruin.


While the internet truly is a marvelous place for businesses to move into it offers it a list of negatives. Each company needs to make sure that the pros outweigh the cons before jumping into the proverbial IP swimming pool.

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