The Priceless Inventions of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad is a prominent pediatric surgeon, who in his lifetime as a professional surgeon has executed thousands of operation procedures. While still active in his career, Dr. Saad always found means and ways to improve his craft based on the conventional method provided by science and medicine. The outcome of his perseverance produced two creations that were patented, along with the establishment of numerous new procedures for pediatric surgeries that are complicated.



In his forty years as a pediatric surgeon, he administered various complex surgeries on children in his community as well as in other places locally and internationally – the Holy Land in particular. His excursion to the Land of the Holy includes 8 medical missions in Jerusalem where he operated on poor sick children.



Dr. Saad Saad’s first invention was the catheter which is equipped with a device that has integral electromagnetic location identification. Medical catheters are used for a wide range of medical purposes. To place the catheter in the appropriate location within the human body, surgeons must know how to effortlessly identify its precise whereabouts.



Conventionally this is done with the aid of an x-ray machine. While a solitary x-ray procedure does not produce any illness, the constant and repetitive exposure to radiation may result to illness. And although a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can take the place of an x-ray procedure, MRI machines are not convenient due to their bulky size.



So, Dr. Saad created a catheter that can be used without the aid of an x-ray or an MRI. This particular catheter makes use of electromagnetic energy to know the position of the catheter inside the body. Dr. Saad’s catheter’s tip holds porous magnetic material within the coil along with two wires along its sides. This makes it easy for the surgeon or physician to use a locating gadget externally that would indicate the catheter’s position when the external device passes over it from the outside. But the invention has not been manufactured widely yet since mass producing needs intricate processes that is inconvenient for manufacturers.



The second invention of Dr. Saad is the endoscope that can draw away liquid from the path being examined by the doctor. Endoscopes are equipment or tools used as optical aids to look inside the body like the throat, windpipe, colon, stomach or bladder. It provides a visual scan without the need for surgery. However, since the body creates liquids, it obstructs a clear view making it hard for the doctor to clearly see what is inside the body. In such circumstances the endoscope is taken out to be cleaned, then reinserted again.



To tackle the problem, Dr. Saad created an endoscope that is capable of washing the front of the device and sucking the liquid out of the way while inside the body, giving the doctor a better view when performing endoscopy processes. Learn more:



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