The Partnership between Herbalife Nutrition and Red Cross

The nutrition company has engaged in various activities that are aimed at improving the lives of people in many parts of the world mainly after disasters. It has a foundation called Herbal Nutrition which partners with other non-profit organizations in achieving its goals. Some of the firms include Save the Children and the American Red Cross. Some of its achievements include providing basic amenities to affected individuals.

Recently, the non-profit engaged in an initiative aimed at encouraging blood donations in centers that are spread out across the country. The blood donors receive snacks from Herbalife Nutrition. The Chief Executive Officer of the nutrition firm expressed his excitement after the signing of the partnership with the American Red Cross and hoped that they will have a greater impact on society.

The CEO promised that his company would give some snacks to the donors to boost their health. On the other hand, the management at Red Cross pointed out that the partnership would help in sensitizing the public about blood donations as this will help to saves thousands of lives for people from all parts of the world. Save the Children is a non-profit firm that focuses on helping needy kids. Some of its activities include providing food and medical assistance after disasters. Save the Children has worked in parts such as Nepal, Mexico, and Japan.

For almost two decades now, Herbalife has made a lot of contributions to the organization to finance its operations. The funding from the nutrition company has also been used to construct facilities where children can receive psychological help after experiencing traumatic events.

The American Red Cross has global recognition for helping millions of needy people around the globe. The organization comprises of volunteers spread out across various locations to prevent some disasters and provided the necessary help when needed. Since its inception in 1980, Herbalife has developed a wide range of products and programs to help its customers to live healthier lives. One of the aspects of the business that have made it to stand out among the other players in the industry is its business model as it uses independent distributors to sell its products.

The nutrition company has strived to develop health solutions for conditions such as malnutrition and obesity. Nowadays, people have adopted various techniques to live healthier lives even when they are old. Herbalife realized that many people could not afford the high cost of medical services in the country. Through its business model, the firm has provided an income-earning opportunity for thousands of independent distributors. The protein snacks that Herbalife has pledged to provide to blood donors are valued at $500, 000. Most of the blood donations centers are located in Herbalife’s areas of operations and the monetary contributions are expected to have a positive impact on its corporate image. Learn more about Herbalife on



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