The Outstanding Career And Dedication Of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert spent a large portion of his career serving as the CEO of the United Technologies Corporation. He retired from his position in November of 2014. He served General Motors for 14 years prior to his position at the United Technologies Corporation. From 2015 until 2017 he was with the Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division. Louis Chenevert has a Production Management Bachelor of Commerce degree and the University of Montreal provided an Honorary Doctorate in 2011.

Louis Chenevert spoke of the idea for United Technologies. The team had an excellent understanding of the needs of the customers and the passion to provide products that would change the industry during a thirty year period. They combined this approach with the acquisitions necessary for a strong portfolio. This resulted in the F135 engine, the GTF engine development and the development of new technology in the sector. The United Technologies Corporation or UTC doubled a helicopters speed, acquired Goodrich aerospace and changed history.

During the time Louis Chenevert was at UTC he focused on engineering and operational talent. The delivery of ideas capable of producing results while exceeding the expectations of the customers was important. With the support of the staff he increased profitability while gathering revenue. The teams were small and were provided with the funds, tools and autonomy to pursue products to make an impact on the game. Objective reviews followed to ensure the key objectives were being achieved.

Louis Chenevert is excited by technology. He sees how fast change occurs and appreciates the opportunities offered for the future. He believes his productivity and success as an entrepreneur were due to tremendous focus, relentless follow up, his eternal and passionate optimism, the time he spent moving the agenda forward, ensuring the key executives had what they required to deliver results and disregarding internal politics.

The first job Louis Chenevert had was a GM line supervisor. Although the job was extremely difficult it taught him how much power people have when they choose to make a difference. This is provided management will listen. He realized the employees know how to solve problems and become more productive.

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