The life of Jason Hope as a philanthropist

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, an investor and a philanthropist who grew up in Tempe, Arizona. Later on in life, he attended a state university where he graduated and later on earned a masters degree in business administration. After his graduation, he founded several tech-based startups and he became well known in the business industry. Within a short period of time, Jason became wealthy and he started donating to various causes.

Jason is currently a consultant for businesses in different industries in Scottsdale where he lives. Much of Jason Hope’s interests are in education, the internet of things and politics. He is always current on the latest tech developments and their suggested impact on the society. On his side time, he loves to run and track his progress.

Jason Hope has a great degree of his philanthropy in different areas. Some of the institutions that he supports include the Andre Agassi Foundation whose goal is to transform the education of students in college. He supports the Family Health International which aims at improving the lives of people around the world by the use of local programs and solutions. Jason Hope also supports the Arizona Science Center, Teach for America, the Worldwide Orphans Association and the Boys and Girls Club.

Most of the organizations that Jason Hope funds have offices in Phoenix or a nearby location, as Jason prefers to work with local organizations through a hands-on approach to charity and philanthropy. There is also an opportunity for students. When you visit Jason Hope’s website, students have a form that allows them to request for funding/ grants for their projects and goals. If someone submits a great idea, Jason funds them. The donations start from $500 to $5,000. For a project to be funded, it has to utilise modern technology, and those who will benefit from the solution should be attending high school or university. Through his website, he also encourages more people to be philanthropists.

Jason Hope joined Aubrey de Gray into the pursuit of anti-aging medication which both philanthropists believe in. Hope has the belief that SENS will come up with a way of reversing the aging process. Hope who is very interested in improving the lifecycle of humanity and help prevent the cause of severe diseases like heart disease and cancer, states that researchers need to utilize stem cells to progressively make leaps in developing medicines to fight aging.

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