The legacy of Louis Chenevert still lives on at United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert spent his 14 years of his early career life working at St. Therese Production General Manager. At the United Technologies Corporation (UTC) he was the CEO and chairman. Louis is a French-Canadian, he attended the University de Montreal where he attained his bachelor degree in production management. The first job that Louis Chenevert got that he worked for a decade was at General Motors. After that, he joined Pratt & Whitney business unit where he offered his services for six years. In 1999, he was offered the opportunity of being the president of the entire division of Pratt & Whitney. In the position, he worked for seven years before he was given the job of being the CEO and president of United Technologies Corporation.

Under the leadership of Louis Chenevert Pratt & Whitney received impressive achievements worth $ 100 billion. So many corporate executives have not achieved what Louis did in just a year. One of the focus that he had early in his career was getting Goodrich. Louis Chenevert spent more than a year trying to negotiate, but the finally agreed and the deal to acquire Goodrich was worth $18.4 billion. From the moment Chenevert joined United Technologies Corporation he made sure that he would make good use of the experience and knowledge that he had gained in the years to make a considerable improvement in the company. His goal was that he would leave the company a better place than he had found.

Louis made sure that he invested in the right tech to take the company far and he emphasized the investment of the right people so that to take the company even further. In 8th, 2014, that’s when Louis Chenevert resigned from United Technologies Corporation. Later he was appointed by Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs where he would be the executive advisor. One of his roles was that he would seek growth opportunities. Louis Chenevert laid a good foundation for United Technologies Corporation, and it’s the reason why the company is still dominating in the market. The legacy that he put in place is continuing to thrive.

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