The Amazing EOS Lip Balm Flavors

EOS lip balm flavors never cease to amaze. New product users need only one use to find the excitement enjoyed with one stroke of the all-natural balm aginst the lips. The instant smoothness, the hydrating powers, and intense flavors are all the things you want in your lip balm; EOS delivers three times over. Most users are attrated to the flavors before all else, and stay with the brand once they experience the EOS power.

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EOS has several flavors to choose from. Do yourself a favor and try them all at least once. Each flavor is just as exciting as the next, and gives you the chapped lip relief that you desire. The Strawberry Sorbet EOS lip balm is the biggest seller. The lip balm taste reminds you of a bow of fresh strawberries doused in whipped cream on a hot summer’s day. Perhaps the Vanilla flavor is more your style. This lip balm flavor delivers an exciting, rich flavor users appreciate.

EOS has the perfect lip balm flavor to accommodate your chapped lip needs. Grab a sampler pack and experience several EOS lip balm flavors at once, or purchase a single orb of your favorite flavor and get the flavor fun and lip relief that you need. Hurry grab a lip balm now!

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