The Alternative Financing Solution of Equity First Holdings

Equity First Holdings gives clients alternative financing solutions since 2002 and enables them to meet both their professional and personal goals. It is a global company that has its offices in nine different countries alongside fully owned subsidiaries in Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Thailand and London. So far, the firm has completed over 700 transactions with a net value of more than $1.4 billion thus offering clients low interest rates and high ‘loan-to-value’.

The company has recently relocated its office to EFH Australia located in Melbourne. This is a brilliant move as it makes the company more accessible to business associates and clients. According to the managing director, the company is continuing to grow and relocating gives it an opportunity to accommodate the existing clients and still have room for expansion.Equity first holdings provides clients with capital for investment and growth through the provision of stock-based loans. Equity First Holdings specialises in issuing of securities based lending services for individual and business investors upon evaluation of the performance and risk associated with the treasuries, bonds, and stocks.

The company is also conducting research to allow it offer better services. It specializes in developing an alternative efficient lending solution to individuals and businesses that are in need of non-purpose capital. The non-purpose loan allows the borrowers to invest in whatever they need or that which pleases them. It offers its clients more flexibility based on the lending rates. The company uses equities to serve as loan collateral for a fixed period of time and allows borrowers to transfer their shares into equities in anticipation of growth. They offer below market fixed interest rates that are as low as 3% with loan to value ratios of 75%. The clients enjoy the benefit of retaining all the divided and appreciation of market value.


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