The Addition New Team Members At HGGC Have Been Some Of The Most Prominent Press Releases From The Private Equity Firm Over The Past Year:

It has been a busy year for Palo Alto California’s middle market focused private equity firm HGGC. There has been a variety of news that has come out of the firm in recent history in regard to mergers, acquisitions and new team members. Since its founding, the firm has been an active operation that has been involved with the completion of more than one-hundred transactions such as recapitalizations, investments in platforms and add-on based acquisitions. The company has a total of more than $4 billion within the sphere of cumulative capital. The current $17 billion in regard to aggregate transactions is also worthy of note. The company also boasts the interesting fact that NFL legend Steve Young is one of its co-founders.

HGGC has been proud to announce some major additions to the firm’s team over the last year. These additions include Colin Phinisey, Christopher Guinn, William Spector, Zachary Adams, Hao Qin and Patrick Malanga. All of these investment industry professionals bring an impressive set of skills and a wealth of experience to an already impressive team. Colin Phinisey brings extensive experience to the team at HGGC as he has worked for many years in the investment banking industry. He joins the firm by taking on the title of Head of Capital Markets. Joining Colin is Christopher Guinn who will take on a role as an Executive Director with a focus on the firm’s extensive and impressive portfolio. Phinisey and Guinn, as well as the other previously mentioned new team members, are expected to make a major contribution to the critical work that the company is doing.

Mergers and acquisitions have been a major part of this last year in HGGC history. The acquisition of patent risk operation RPX Corporation was a major victory for the firm. Another major accomplishment was the successful merger between HGGC’s portfolio company MyWebGrocer and Respida Capital and the General Atlantic held operation that is knonw as Mi9 Retail. This merger is expected to be a significant boost to the business model at retail solution-oriented company Mi9 as well as a great benefit to digital media operation MyWebGrocer. It is also worthy of note that HGGC’s team recently made a major investment into Denodo Company, a software firm that works in the area of data virtualization.

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