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One of the last great frontiers of societal awareness is mental health. While we have learned to accept many differences in society we often see people with mental health issues as “scary” or “violent”. However, a huge percentage of all people suffer from mental health problems at some point in their lives. 16.1 million adults alone are depressed in the United States. That one mental illness actually makes up around 7 percent of the entire population! While society at large may tell you there is something morally or personally wrong with being depressed nothing could be further from the truth. Being depressed is a disease and it takes medical professionals to help cure that disease.

When you are married to a sociopathic person or someone who has some sort of personality disorder it can be incredibly hard to separate yourself from the relationship. While there are many different strategies that healthcare professionals offer to extricate yourself from such a situation there are a few that are particularly effective. It is important to seek out resources that can allow you to live independently of the sociopath. Documenting their behavior is also very important- especially if you have a contentious divorce settlement or child custody issues.

Talkspace is an app service that makes therapy available at a price that most folks can afford. Their goal is to make sure that as many people as possible can afford to speak to a licensed therapist to help with any mental health needs that are not being serviced by typical medical professionals.

Their goal is not to replace current mental health care- they want to act as a supplement to traditional methods. Talkspace works through text messages and audio messages as well as Skype-like chats. They are a service that aims to be the connected generation’s answer for talk therapy.

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