Susan McGalla: Helping Other Business Women Succeed

You are a woman, and you are more than just your gender. Don’t let the world of business stick you in a corner; you are deserving of all that you desire to accomplish. Meet Susan McGalla. Brought up to believe she was as good as anyone else, she never used her gender to receive special attention or treatment.


Susan McGalla founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, and she shares what she has learned from years of hard work and dedication with others. She is the voice for business women everywhere, sharing her knowledge with various groups, one of which is the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh.


For more than two decades, McGalla’s career ranged from marketing and managing at Joseph Horne Company and American Eagle Outfitters to president and CMO at the latter. Upon leaving American Eagle Outfitters in 2009, she did some consulting work on her own, then for a short time, she became CEO of Wet Seal, Inc., parting ways in 2012. She then moved on to develop her own consulting business and became VP of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.   Reference:


Based on, McGalla grew up with the notion that she was not to think of herself as either male or female – just as a person. She was brought up with a father who coached football and two brothers in East Liverpool, Ohio. Since her family taught her to stand on equal footing with both men and women, it instilled within her exceptional self-confidence.

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McGalla speaks loud and clear on how women should approach business: take hold of the reigns, never settle for entitlement, work hard yet be flexible, and always pursue your passion.

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