Special ingredients and simple recipes in Beneful at Walmart

Since the beginning, Beneful has been dedicated to providing healthy and delicious food for your dog. It seems that every year they upped the ante and come up with an all-new recipe or improve one of their old recipes with the inclusion of premium ingredients.

Conveniently, any new Beneful product will appear on Walmart shelves as soon as it comes out. Most recently, Beneful launched a new product line called simple recipes. This food has chicken as the first ingredient and has no grain or gluten. In addition, it includes other premium ingredients of the blueberry and pumpkin. Like all Beneful products at Walmart you won’t have to pay a premium price either, this new blend is priced similarly to other Beneful food and we purchased for under $1 per pound.

All in all, even the most premium ingredients such as the salmon in certain Beneful wet foods come to the same low Walmart price. The ingredients and recipes keep improving but the prices stay the same at Walmart.

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