Sergio Cortes and His Growing Fan Base

It is rare for impersonators of celebrities to have a fan base, but Dino reports that Cortes has his own fans. The Michael Jackson impersonator has been doing the signature moves of Michael and easing the pain of fans for years. He doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon, and people that loved Michael Jackson are slowly starting to fall in love with the man that is carrying the MJ torch.

Sergio can perform the dance moves of Jackson quite effortlessly, but this is not a surprise for someone that has imitated Michael for so long. He has become a masterful entertainer that has fans that are waiting to see him the same way that they waited to see Michael. This is just something that Sergio has come to expect.

The great thing about these fans is that they encourage him to stay with what he has been doing. People that are interested in seeing him perform motivate Sergio to do an even better job next time. He says that he believes that he is healing the pain of all of those that are still in awe of the loss of Michael Jackson. There will never be another Michael Jackson. This is obvious. Sergio, however, makes sure that he gets as close as possible to giving fans the Michael Jackson experience. The moves are just one element. When Sergio takes stage as Michael he even has the costumes that Michael was known for.

The wardrobe for Michael is actually one thing that has made it easy to impersonate Michael. The garments for some of the most popular songs are seen in the MJ videos. Fans know what is next just from seeing the costume that Sergio is wearing on stage.

Sergio performs the choreographed dance moves with precision. He knows that all of this is part of the performance, and the moves are the biggest part of the illusion. When he is off of his mark the fans are going to know it. He makes the effort to practice relentlessly because he knows that the fans are going to remember this.

Cortes doesn’t have to worry about any bad reviews. All of his 16,000 Facebook and Twitter followers are grateful for the tribute shows that he has done, and they are eagerly awaiting more. Sergio is using social media to branch out and find more people that want to see him perform.

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