Sean Penn’s Voice Echoes In, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn’s debut novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, is creepy but I love it. Sean Penn at age 57 has written a debut novel. It is controversial and eclectic. Written in a dystopian form, it has taken Sean Penn a far cry from the teen character movie star in the 1980’s and the serious role of a the first gay political candidate, in the movie Milk, where he was award winning and iconic. Let along his notorious marriage to the also iconic Madonna. He states that something about being 57 makes him feel pretty free and has the opportunity to “go all the way”. Writing Bob Honey Who Just do Stuff was an easy decision as to share some true thoughts and work on some ideas that he has had in mind. Meanings and the clever angry tone the novel takes keep you reading the 127 page book or listening to the audio book.

Penn being an activist himself is found in some of the adventures Bob Honey does in the novel and it is setting the stage for the book. There are references to the “Mr. Landlord” president that are negative and follow his personal opinions. Specifics on the “me too” generation are also evident in the novel and has been criticized by some. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is where Sean Penn is headed with getting away from acting and the movie screen. He says he wants to something that brings joy and acting just don’t any more. Another novel is in the future as Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has opened the door for him regardless of criticism or controversy. Sean Penn is ready to take on the writer’s world and willing to take risks and continue on his path to share his thoughts and works. Look for more from Sean Penn in the future as he is allegedly in mid-life crisis and using writing as a new platform to share his activism and political views.

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