Sean Penn; Reviewing Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

When Pappy Pariah published Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, he did not know that people would take a major interest in continuing his talent. Born in Iowa, Pariah rightfully owns the original piece of the work that is now making Sean Penn famous.


Retelling the Story


With an informal plot, it looks like Bob Honey’s life story is recounted by Sean Penn who wears a delusional mind while narrating the story. Residing in a quiet street in California’s Wood view, Honey is a divorcee trying to get through this thing called life. As of now, he has a hard time connecting with the world or even his neighbors. In fact, the neighbors are pretty annoyed because of his persistent lawn mowing.


Who is Bob Honey?


Far from that, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a realist novel that accesses the modern society, its culture and the current affairs that continues to eat up its people. His former wife is now married to a lawyer. Surprisingly, the wife resides in the same neighborhood and drives a posh ice-cream truck. As Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff recounts, working in a septic tank is not the easiest task of all. From his past life, he is trying to delve into a different path by becoming an assassin. Moreover, he now tries to reconnect with the world by becoming more social.

Bob Honey’s Life


Besides, he now works as a contract killer employed for a specific secretive program that sends him to different projects across the world. In these projects, he is strictly instructed to assassinate those who greedily consume the resources of the community. Some of his adventures include traveling to Baghdad and South Sudan in addition to other societies for sewage emergencies. Other than that, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff delves into the Pacific Ocean in search of an oceanic view of life.


The Language Used


The slim novel has now been released into major bookstores and those who enjoy dramatic novels can vouch for this. Told in excerpts that will leave you scratching your head, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has been written in an interesting language that borrows sheer sanity, a delight to consciousness and a major classic cult widely used to portray satirical madness.


The Overview


In an interview with Vogue, Sean Penn the narrator explains why he quit the acting industry to start publishing. In his perspective, life is an exploration and must be explored by all means. Although he has critics, he cannot be stopped.

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