Samuel Strauch’s Success in Real Estate

According to the “Samuel Strauch Reveals The 10 U.S. Cities With The Hottest Suburban Neighborhoods,” Samuel Strauch reveals areas that include affordable housing with low crime rates and suitable schooling. Areas that include exceptional amenities are Denver Colorado, where it’s known for it’s cultural attractions with affordable housing. Dallas, Texas is known for its hospitality and nightlife with ranch-style homes. San Francisco, California is great for affordable homes and great schooling. In Austin, Texas, they are known for their festivities with affordable housing in Daffan. Other great areas, for housing but are not limited are Tampa, Florida, Miami, Florida, and Orlando, Florida. Other areas such as Orlando, Florida are great for its amenities. Whichever you decide to move to in these areas, would all considerably be a great choice.

Strauch is a man who stands by his word, “Life is a lesson and whatever path we take is an essential part of our growth.” He has shown exactly just that by achieving major growth from completing his undergraduate degree in business at Hofstra University and completing his studies at Erasmus University and Harvard University. Strauch had first began in the banking field, where he then later joined with his family in Real Estate, located in South Florida, along with specializing in property development and property investment. Fifteen years ago, Strauch said he saw a phenomenal opportunity in a growing city, where he then became the principal and founder of Metrik Real Estate in the Miami Beach, Florida area in 2002. He commented that the city was moving away from being just a resort town and expanding more into a full fledge city to why he knew it would be a great opportunity. Until this day, Metrik is still successfully growing in business with clients and investors. Samuel Strauch is also active in investing in several internet and restaurant businesses.

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