Robert Ivy Looks For A Brighter Architectural Future For The People Of The World

Although he is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, Chief Executive Officer Robert Ivy is seeking a better way of keeping the people of the U.S. in touch with a brighter future in terms of architectural design. In terms of a brighter future for the American public, Robert Ivy believes the American Institute of Architects can play a major role in developing the arena of public health which he feels is closely linked to the creation of an American community each and every person can be proud of.

Looking back at the career of Robert Ivy makes it easy to see how the future of American architecture has been on the mind of Ivy for the majority of his career as an architect and editor of various design-based publications. When making his first foray into journalism, Robert Ivy took up a role as the editor of the “Greensource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design” which showed off the link Ivy believes exists between sustainable design and successful communities in the future; sustainability and building better communities for the future has been one of the most impressive parts of the work of Robert Ivy as an architectural expert who is now seen as one of the most respected in the world.


Among the areas being explored by Robert Ivy and the American Institute of Architects is the need to make sure community planning takes in every area of need including the desire to make sure the changing climate and public health are at the top of all decisions made regarding architectural decisions. Robert Ivy and the AIA have come together to build a series of plans and projects begun soon after the arrival of the CEO in 2011 explaining the success the group hoped to have in the areas of public health and successful community planning; Ivy believes the use of technology should play a key role in the creation of a brighter future for the people of the U.S. as apps can be used to conduct research regarding health improvements in the first decades of the 21st-century. Ivy is continuing to extend this area of research as he feels the design of buildings is the first step in keeping a community healthy as the architect involved in creating a building should be aware of how best to explore the needs of a community in terms of remaining healthy.

Robert Ivy holds a Masters Degree of Architecture from Tulane University and a Bachelors Degree of Arts in English from Sewanee (The University of the South). Robert Ivy spent the first years of his career as a Principal at the Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy architectural group from 1981 to 1996. Robert Ivy spent a number of years working as the Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Record.

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