Robert Deignan Reveals Where His Best Ideas Are Born

Robert Deignan is an entrepreneur, business owner, and the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital Services, which is a company that offers digital support to consumers all over the globe with tech issues. Deignan earned a full football scholarship to study at Purdue University, and while there, he graduated with a a degree in Organizational Leadership. After briefly playing with a couple of NFL teams, he moved on and helped to startup Fanlink, Inc. It wasn’t long before he decided to become a part of ATS Digital Services.

When asked where the idea for ATS Digital Services came from, Robert Deignan revealed that it was born from another company that he once worked with. It was during his time working with an Anti-Malware Software Company that his partners and himself realized that there was a market for supporting people who were having tech issues. At the time, they would talk with users who were having issues with installing the Anti-Malware software, and they learned that Malware products were actually blocking the installation of their software. They found a solution, and that solutions was to connect with people’s computers remotely and install the software themselves. It was when they began charging a fee for the service that they realized they could start a business using the same idea.

Robert Deignan has remarked that his typical workday starts off as early as 5:15 AM when his alarm gets him out of bed. He begins his day with a workout at the gym around the corner from his home and then goes home and gets some coffee going. After getting his kid ready for school, he takes some time for himself enjoying some fresh air and then drives to work. He checks-in to see how the business did the day before and then gets to work taking care of problems and working with his partners. Robert Deignan brings his ideas to life during the time that he spends in nature. He has revealed that most of his greatest ideas come to him when he is outside somewhere away from his computer.

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