Ricardo Tosto: An Inspiration for the Youth

Brazil is one of the sovereign states in the world, which has its own rules, regulations, and constitutions implemented on this independent state. Laws are implemented to keep this country peaceful and crime free. Most of the laws which are now implemented in Brazil are borrowed by the civil law of European system, and these laws have undergone a lot of changes because every country has a long history and series of events, which is then clearly reflected in their laws and culture. Being a lawyer is one of the prestigious occupation of this country and every year around 200,000 students are enrolled in law universities, producing many good lawyers in the society. Being a doctor, engineer and lawyers are the top priorities every student aims to be, as this occupation is well reputed and paid as well. Parents wish and persuade their kids to join one of this field to have a better future, else they will end up in rural areas, with low wages and low lifestyle. Brazil now has almost 600,000 active lawyers, working in Brazil and most of this lawyer community is living in Sao Paolo, one of the famous city of Brazil.

One of the top Brazilian lawyers is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveria Carvalho. He has experience and practice in a lot of areas which includes finance, commerce, and laws related to the election, making him the most experienced lawyer of Brazil, because of his experience, he is highly approached by the civil and government organization, and deals a lot of government cases as well. He has his own law firm, named as Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, and was an advisor of local cooperation as well. He has taken a lot of positions in Bar associations and is one of the active lawyer members who have permit to work around the world. He is also the role model for the coming lawyers and a reason for a lot of people who want to join and pursuit law. He inspires a lot of students who want to serve their country like him, in their own way, because Ricardo is also known for its sincerity to his country and his profession.


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