Release The Unicorns: Lime Crime Launches Hair Color For The Brilliant and Bold

If you’re the kind of person who thinks that your hair and makeup routine should say something about you other than, “Wow, it looks like she’s not wearing any makeup.” look no further than Lime Crime.


The cosmetics company, founded by the queen of standing out in brilliant color, Doe Deere, offers a range of beauty products in bold exciting colors. If you’re looking for nude and beige, or the perfect blonde that you could have been born with; this is not the product line for you. The company was founded with the idea that hair and makeup are a way to express yourself, rather than a way to blend in with the crowd.


Lime Crime’s makeup line is fresh, bold, and wholeheartedly brightly colored, so we were really excited to hear about the launch of their new unicorn hair color. The hair color comes in a range of hue’s than run the gamut from pale pink to cool steel grey.


Unicorn hair color is available in two strengths, full coverage and tints. Choose your strength based on whether you want to go full on unicorn or just flirt with your inner unicorn. When applied to light blonde, or bleached hair, the full coverage dye will give you a fully saturated color that any unicorn would be proud of. For best results, and the minimum hair damage, Lime Crime recommends that you have your hair professionally bleached, before applying their, all natural, vegan hair color.


Tints will give you color that is more of suggestion than a bold statement. If you have dark hair and you want the effect of a tint you should opt for full coverage color over unbleached hair.


Unicorn hair color is all semi-permanent, meaning that it will fade over time as you wash your hair. The dye is vegetable based, and free of bleach and peroxide, which means it is gentle on your hair. Because unicorn hair color will neither damage your hair, nor need to be removed, you are free to experiment with a brilliant color without paying with the health of your hair. follow them on instagram.





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