Penelope Kokkinides Is Leading InnovaCare To Provide Quality And Sustainability

InnovaCare, Inc. is an American company that provides managed healthcare services through Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage. The company creates cost-effective, sustainable, and fully integrated models for quality healthcare. InnovaCare focuses on strong patient-provider relationships. The company values corporate integrity, strong physicians, efficiency, and experienced leadership.

Penelope Kokkinides is now InnovaCare, Inc.’s Chief Administrative Officer. She was previously its Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Clinical Operations. She has over 20 years of health care and managed care industry experience. She is an expert in managing health care processes and developing clinical programs. Before rejoining the company in 2015, she was responsible for Centerlight Healthcare’s management and care division as its Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Rick Shinto. She was Touchstone Health’s chief Operating Officer and AmeriChoice’s Care Management and Disease Management Corporate Vice President.

Kokkinides attended Binghampton University to earn her bachelor’s degree in classical languages and biological sciences. She attended New York University to earn her master’s degree in social work and a post-master’s program advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse. She attended Columbia University School of Public Health to earn her master’s degree in public health.

Kokkinides travels often and gets a lot of things done while on flights. She relies on her team and the synergy between them to develop and implement ideas. She connects with people around the world through video conferences and screen-sharing. She is excited about the ways technology is changing the way people do business and communicate. For more details visit Crunchbase.

She has grown and learned from situations where she didn’t enjoy certain aspects of a job. When she was in high school she worked as a receptionist in a doctor’s office. She later worked as a store floater at Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Her mother was a seamstress, but Kokkinides managed to get her mother a job at Saks Fifth Avenue. Her mother stayed with the company for 20 years. Check out


She believes staying informed is very important for an entrepreneur. She incorporates organization and structure into her business strategy. She thinks about what step she needs to take next to accomplish her goals. She sees email and skype as important tools in her everyday life. She recommends reading Simon Sinek’s book, “Start With Why” and his TED talk video.



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