Securus Technologies- a provider of Innovative Investigative Technology

When Securus Technologies came into existence, a transformation in the field of Investigative Technology was observed. Secures Technologies was established in 1986. This company provides world class services to the inmates in the correctional sphere. Almost a million inmates use Securus Technologies as a source of communication to their families and colleagues. Almost, two thousand four hundred law enforcement agencies use the services and products offered by Securus Technologies.


Before the existence of Securus Technologies, the correctional industry was working on traditional methods and solutions for inmate communication. This all changed when Securus Technologies brought innovative solutions and services in this domain. This company has always focused on research and development, bringing new ideas and techniques that can improve the inmate communication and can help them to make their lives better. The company has established its technology center in Dallas, Texas. Here, a group of technologists, scientists and researchers work together to build innovative technology for the correctional industry.


Securus Technologies’ primary purpose was to identify and highlight the issues faced by inmates in communication and the technology required by the law enforcement officers that can help them to operate effectively and intelligently to catch criminals and stop any criminal activity. Since, the inmates and law enforcing officers have shown full confidence in the products and services offered by Securus Technologies, this company is considered as one of the best companies in the field of correctional sphere.


Many inmates and law enforcement officers are of the view that this company has made their lives easier as they can now communicate effectively without any problems in connectivity. Its advanced and efficient products and services have provided indefinite benefits to its users. That is why, it is considered best in its business and among its competitors.


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White Shark Media: a resource for businesses

White Shark Media is a company that specializes in helping small to medium sized companies find online marketing solutions. This means White Shark Media help businesses who do not have the time or the resources to support or promote their advertising campaigns.

White Shark Media was founded in the year 2011 by three Danish men whom they have an expertise in online and offline marketing. Their main goal was to conquer the ever growing SMB market by means of delivering a product or service that is unrivaled. They thrive in businesses allowing their expertise to use their own online marketing tips and tricks in order to promote their client’s advertising campaigns. After they are done aiding with their clients, White Shark media still tracks their clients time to time in order to study how effective their efforts have been. White Shark Media utilizes this by keyword-level call tracking, Google Analytics integration, as well as competitive intelligence with proprietary reporting software.

Today, White Shark Media is known to be one of the fastest growing digital agencies in North America. This is due to their engineering cost-effective method to provide top of the line customer experience while doing search marketing campaigns. In addition to being a firm for helping business promote advertising campaigns, they are also a partner to Google adwords. Recently, White Shark media also claims that their success was their ability to develop a winning formula that was the combination of a domestic and offshore presence; due to their employee base being a bilingual group of talented individuals.

White Shark Media will continue their efforts to provide world-class leadership to provide their client’s businesses the tools that they need to promote advertising campaigns. White shark media will continue to their client’s success and double their size in the immediate future.

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How EOS is Once Again Shaking Up the Beauty Industry

As if revolutionizing the beauty industry with their innovative spherical shaped lip balm wasn’t enough, the team from Evolution of Smooth have once again created a stir in the beauty industry with the introduction of their new line of Crystal lip balms, read more here. The team chose to market their new balm through the use of social media, where it has quickly captured the attention of many online bloggers. The new tagline for the balm has become known as clear as crystal. The new product line has several distinctive features that set it apart from the previous lines of EOS lip balms. Check out this similar website,

One of the most noticeable differences is the lack of color in the balm itself. The name of the new line clearly reflects the see-through style of these balms. Although the balm is completely colorless it is still designed to glide on smoothly to help keep lips super soft. As with the other lines of balms from this company, the new Crystal lip balms contain essential oils to help hydrate and moisturize dry lips. In fact, these balms contain five distinctly different essential oils. They are also paraben free and categorized as vegan.

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The new crystal line of lip balms from EOS currently come in two tantalizing flavors. Hitting store shelves in the month of August, the two new flavors are Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Fans of the classic orb-shaped container might notice the container for the new line of Crystal lip balms has a slightly different shape. These containers are shaped more like a tripod than a sphere, which makes them appear more egg-shaped. Although the balm inside is completely see-through, the container still comes in colors designed to match the flavor. Shoppers will find the exotic blend of Hibiscus Peach available in a lilac colored container, while the refreshing Vanilla Orchard comes in a pearlized cream colored container.

Visit EOS’ page for more trending updates.


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Choose EOS Lip Balm Products For Super-Moist Lips

Would you like to restore your youthful soft lips without uncomfortable cosmetic treatment? Heal your lips with the essence of the perfect blend of centuries old ingredients. That’s right, EOS balm products have been used by ancient healers to nourish the skin and heal minor skin irritations. EOS ingredients like body butter shea extracts and jojoba are age old skin healing agents. They simply provide the most moisture and protection in the beauty care industry. Their lip balm products are highly preferred over competitor products. In fact, they have been clinically tested 10 to 1, over big name lip balms including Chapstick. Read more exciting articles here on

German residents choose the popular Evolution of Smooth brand for their stylish containers and organic ingredients, explore more. They eliminate the by-products while adding eleven essential vitamins. Enjoy selecting your favorite brand from their website and having it shipped to your front door. Choose exclusive 2 pack offers and always have a spare when you need it. Directly order flavors like Mint Kisser and Lemon Drop. Their aromatherapy flavors are highly preferred among young adults and busy professionals who love cool products. The EOS circular tubes come in trendy colors that are easy to store. Use their wonderful lip balm products right from the cute container and then, store it conveniently in your purse or pocket.

When thousands of people were looking for an organic lip therapy system, EOS lip balm products were chosen 10 to 1, over leading competitors like body butter shea extracts and jojoba oil. Nourish your skin with the rich ingredients neutralized deep within each container. Give your lips a healthy glow with each application. Join the EOS lip balm revolution by choosing their quality beauty products today. Visit the exclusive Evolution of Smooth lip balm website for more details and free shipping promotional offers. Protect your lips with the superior benefits of EOS lip balm products today.

Get more information of EOS’ products on their page.


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ClassDojo – Getting Teachers Involved In The Classroom

ClassDojo is the ultimate new way for parents and teachers to better communicate with students. It’s the perfect way for everybody to join in, learn, and gain feedback about almost everything they need to know right off the bat. Students, parents, and teachers can all use the app; and in fact, it’s recommended that all three join in. Students can create their own avatar.

When a student accomplishes anything at all, they earn dojo points. Most teachers are used to creating reward jars or anything of the like, but this app does it all in one single app everyone can use.

The app is mainly capable of providing the classroom a more efficient way of operating. Teachers can create different forms of points to give to the students. They can decide to give a student a positive or a negative note. Behavior is one thing that this app is going to help monitor. Instead of punishing a child, this app can help let the teacher understand the consequences without embarrassing the child. in fact, parents can look at the child’s online profile to see how the teacher is viewing how they are acting in class.

Teachers love that this gets the parents involved. There is a function in the app that let’s both parents instant message the teacher and vice versa. In a world like it is today and how anything can happen in a school, this instant messaging option is very helpful for providing that instant connection for every adult in this process. When a parent needs to let the parent know about something instantly, this simple online platform is going to make this overall easier for everybody.

This app is already being used all over the globe by schools everywhere, and the goal of the brand is to get more involved.

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EOS Lip Balm Has a New Look

There are so many different looks a lip balm can have. You may not know why a certain style of container makes a difference, but it can. What makes EOS lip Balm’s new container so good?

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The new look and style is a different size from the original one that was a simple round container, check out this link. It now is a little longer, which means it will have more lip balm in it. The lip balm itself is also a different size now to match the way the container is made.


Clear Top

The new look has a clear cap that you can see through now. This makes it easier to see how much is left and if there is enough for certain things. If you are going to be leaving town and you need your lip balm, you may need to get a second one. The clear top also makes it easier to see what flavor you have. This can help you not to get more than one flavor that is the same.


There are a lot of different kinds of lip balm, but the new look EOS is doing can make it that much more fun. You only need to know what style you like and what flavors you want. This way you can get the one you want, see also

Hurry and purchase  EOS lip balm here on


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Why Consumers Choose EOS Over Other Brands like Chapstick and Blistex

When EOS decided to create a lip balm that would be different from the rest, they simply did not want to create something that would be classified as a fad but rather instead a product that consumers had to have. The idea couldn’t be gimmicky but rather instead would take the beauty aisles by storm while withstanding the test of time, good insights here. That is where EOS sat down with consumers.

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A number of panels were pulled together to question consumers about what they wanted from their chapsticks. Many people talked about the fact that the chap sticks and lip balms were sold in cylinder tubes that always managed to get lost in their purses is the one complaint that people had about their chap sticks. EOS knew they had to do something different.

The other complaint that they got from people was that there was only a limited number of flavors to choose from. Most chapsticks were sold in an original flavor while on special occasions, you could purchase mint, cherry and sometimes vanilla. EOS knew that in order to make theirs stand out, they had to come up with flavors that people would love. Honeydew, passionfruit and tuity-fruity were amongst some of the highest selling flavors they made.

Not only did EOS decide to make lip balm, they came up with the idea to create a line of specialty lip balms that would be used in place of plain chapstick. The specialty flavors are more than just lip balm. Instead they contain much needed vitamins for your lips as well as ingredients that will make your lips fluffier, poutier, sexier and so much more.

With the industry reaching nearly 250 million dollars, the room for growth is always being thought of. It is estimated that by the year 2020, the business instead will be worth over 2 billion dollars. This is quite a leap for a business who works hard to set its self apart from others, refer also to


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Fall In Love With EOS Lip Balm Flavors

Finding a unique lip balm has never been easier. EOS provides tons of lip balms in a variety of different flavors to fit the need of each individual. There are many to choose from but here is a few of the most popular choices listed below. Read more amazing related articles here on


EOS Blueberry Acai

The EOS Blueberry Acai lip balm comes in a blue covered case. It is filled with exhilarating fragrances of blueberry and acai. It will leave the lips feeling moisturized because of the natural ingredients and antioxidants in it. Find it here.


EOS Sweet Mint

The EOS brand provides a lip balm with refreshing flavors of mint. It has essential oils meant to heal and soothe cracked, damaged lips. It comes in blue packaging.


EOS Vanilla Bean

The EOS Vanilla Bean lip balm is more like a lip ointment. It releases a soft fragrance of vanilla. This lip balm will hydrate the lips, leaving them soft and smooth.


About EOS

EOS was created in an effort to provide millennials with cool lip balm options. Founded by Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky, with Sanjiv Mehra joining later as the co-founder and managing partner. They got tired of seeing only the traditional lip balms in all the drugstores. They approached their business with a brilliant strategy that ultimately led to their success. They realized that women had the biggest need for a lip balm because of their makeup routines. Therefore, they set out to create colorful and fun selections of lip balms in order to pull in their targeted customers. Once the world seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus using the product, the EOS brand skyrocketed. They are now selling 1 million lip balms every week.

Visit EOS’ website for more exclusive news,


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The Outstanding Career of Jason Hope in the Technology Sector

Jason Hope is a top entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and futurist who is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has always loved participating in issues that deal with technology and giving back to the community. Hope was raised in Tempe and attended the Arizona State University where he was awarded a degree in finance. He later enrolled at the Carey School of Business for his MBA. Jason has also been taking part in business related politics in Arizona and the rest of the United States.

The entrepreneur’s technology ventures target different fields that include research and development. He develops desktop software, mobile apps, gaming software, and devices that improve human conditions by making life easy and fun. Hope has always been striving to create ways that people can use technology positively and also study it for possible trends. He is a great thinker and has been working with different individuals to guide them as they come up with state-of-the-art technological advancements.

Hope is also devoted to supporting upcoming entrepreneurs who would like to be successful in the technology world. Many young people have excellent ideas but do not have sufficient finances to transform them into reality. He gives grants to senior high school and college students to enable them to develop their ideas into technological innovations. Anyone who has a great idea can contact him to make it a reality. He understands how challenging it is to launch new ideas and has created business models that can enable them to get off the ground.

The businessman is passionate about making the donations to support the welfare of other people. He believes that his resources allow him to facilitate the growth of other people. As a successful business entrepreneur, Jason has always loved giving back to the community by assisting various local foundations. He is determined to make communities across Arizona prosperous. Hope also likes helping humanitarian organizations that are striving to better humanity’s future by battling against the effects of aging to enable people to have healthier and longer lives. The philanthropist always looks for projects and organizations that he can support with his resources, time, and influence.

About Jason Hope:

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CEO Of Nexbank Speaks At Conference

Nexbank has survived over the course of years for a reason. it gives its investors the opportunity and services they need in order to make sure that they can receive the investments they need to thrive. They offer a variety of investment options, but CDs are an exceptionally common focus for Nexbank. Thanks to their ingenuity customers around the word are able to enjoy excellent financial advising and investment opportunities. Recently, the CEO of Nexbank, Jon Holt, spoke at the Texas Banker’s Associations Conference. Hosted in New Orleans, the conference gives industry experts a chance to discuss the future of finance and, for Holt, a chance to show the world how brilliant Nexbank really is.

Nexbank is an investment bank that focuses on mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services. This variety allows them to give customers of all sorts various options when they decide to invest. If a customer needs a mortgage, they can receive that, but if the customer would like a loan for a business, they can receive that. The endless options is exactly what sets this apart from other banks. Thanks to this format, Nexbank has been a tour de force for years and will continue to do so.


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