Everything is green with Mike Baur on Board

Who is the real Mike Baur? To find the answer to that question, it is important to know what he does for a living, where he is in life and just how he comes to be there. On the top of the list, he is a business man and an entrepreneur. This means that his focus is in commerce along with teaching and learning the different ways to makes business practices better every day. Moreover, the details as to how he achieves his personal and professional goals make him an interesting and motivating individual.


Mike Baur, like many men and women who reach the top of their professional practice, is a founder and partner of his own company. The organization that owes its establishment to him, along with others, is the Swiss Startup Factory. And, just like many CEO and founders, there is a long road that of service and learning that leads him to hold the position that he is in. In his case, the journey is about 20 years long. This is more or less average for professionals who do what he does now. His legacy starts with serving in the field of banking under the names of UBS and Clariden Leu.


After years of gainful, faithful and competent service, opportunities to give and receive more from a day’s work present themselves to Mike Baur. For this reason, he leaves the world of banking and begins his professional practice of investing in startup companies. He enjoys the rewards of investing in startup companies so much that decides to start one of his own, with the help of colleagues. By name, these colleagues are Max Meister and Oliver Walzer.


With Mike at the helm, the Swiss Startup Factory sees growth, transformation and profit. But these things are to be expected when one of the business men at the head of the table holds prestigious mantles. One of these titles is jury member of the START Summiteer facilitated by the University of St Gallen. So, it only makes sense that he is named Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest. This naming only comes after Mike leads the Swiss Startup Factory through CTI’s Accelerator program. He does this with the Goldback Group in tow. There is also a partnership Fintech Fusion that adds to the value of Baur’s actions and associations. In fact, there is so much value there that the Wall Street Journal has taken note.

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EOS Provides Quality Lip Balm in Various Flavors

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) has only been in existence for about seven years, but the company has been extremely successful in this short time. Once the founders of EOS were able to convince Walgreens to carry their products, other popular U.S. discount department stores like Walmart and Target started selling EOS lip balms as well. Currently, EOS is the second best selling lip balm in the United States, and has surpassed brands that have been around much longer, such as Blistex and Chapstick. EOS also sells around 1 million products each week.

EOS sells several varieties of lip balms that are filled with nourishing ingredients like vitamin E and shea butter to protect the lips and prevent dryness and peeling. Flavors include passionfruit, vanilla mint and honeysuckle honeydew, and the lip balms have a pleasant scent that makes them even more enjoyable to wear. EOS also sells lip balms that are formulated to make the lips shiny, and include ingredients like coconut milk to nourish the lips. Shimmer lip balms from EOS are quite popular as well, and give the lips a hint of pearl or pink color. Useful link here on walmart.ca

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In addition to the lip balms EOS is best known for, the company also offer shaving creams and hand lotions made from organic and natural ingredients. Visit www.evolutionofsmooth.com for more information.   Check on ebay.com for additional info.

For full details, visit https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html

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Get Soft Lips That Are Simply Radiant

Your lips require organic coverage that gives you amazing protection guaranteed throughout the day. Canadian’s are well known for trying cool innovative products and EOS lip balm products are becoming seemingly popular for being a quality cost effective product to protect their lips. Supply your lips with the perfect blend of moisturizer and hydration. Saturate your lips with a product that contains easy to absorb jojoba oil and centuries old body butter. Take charge of dull dry lips and cease the moment from extreme temperatures with EOS lip balm products. Great lips are simply a container away with easy purchase options. Check ebay.com.

Would you like to have hypoallergenic scented products for your lips? Evolution of Smooth products are chosen 10 to 1, over their competitors products. EOS lip balm products are chosen over major competitors like Chapstick. Shea butter has been used for centuries and continues to be used in EOS lip balm products. You can experience a quality product that is trusted and cost effective for all budgets. Beauty care products don’t have to cost a fortune to work. Get easy to use and store containers that fit perfect in your pocket or purse in cool pastel packages.

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You have the option of choosing from delectable flavors like Lemon Drop, Wildberry, and Sorbet. Thousands of women rave about their wonderful fragrances leave your senses feeling refreshed with each application. Experience a unique blend of essential vitamin C and E. Their unique vitamins are great for the surface of the skin. They are willing to help you achieve the confidence with your lips that will help you become more photogenic or have the confidence to win over a blind date. High end celebrities are choosing their the superior flavors and protection of EOS lip balm products.  Follow EOS on facebook.com.

Visit the https://evolutionofsmooth.com/ for more details today.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Sponsors Vet to Start His Career

One of the best places young people want to explore their potential is the military. This post has accumulated life experiences and other medical possibilities in this academic arena. For those who want to achieve better business capabilities, you might consider looking for best options concerning life experiences and animated capabilities. While most of these young people want to make better lives for the military, they often discover that it wasn’t the best place for them. When they start seeing most of their friends die in war, they start withdrawing from the military. Due to this action, business is always targeted with worse innovation attentions.


For those who leave the military for new positions in the field, they always lack self-respect. Transitioning from the military to the normal life is often a challenge for most people. While they were getting benefits from working in the military, this money is cut off after resignation. This calls for a different direction in achieving the daily needs of an individual. The process of transitioning to a civilian life is often daunting. However, Nick Hughes was one of the many students who received funding from Goettl Air Conditioning Company to receive education as a technician.


During your time at the company, no one has better benefits in a way that is not precedent in the industry. Nick Hughes was sponsored by the company to attend the New York University Education. For those who want to attain better business capabilities, they must struggle to become better business idea-makers. Nick is set to graduate this month from the Nevada Air Conditioning College with the highest honors. Because he had a passion for what he did, he struggled to become a business profile in this field. The idea behind education is that any business requires training to achieve more specifications.

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How EOS Lip Balms Became Successful by Targeting the Younger Generation

Anyone who keeps up with the latest trends in fashion might have seen some top celebrities using something contained in little pastel-colored spheres. What they are using is a revolutionary new lip balm from a company called Evolution of Smooth. Due to the innovative strategies used to market this product to millennials, their lip balm was grossing over a million dollars in just seven short years. The sales of EOS lip balm continues to rise at a steady pace, which gives the company a projected market of two billion dollars by the year 2020.  Check on ebay.com for details.

Reinventing Lip Balm

When the co-founders of Evolution of Smooth were looking at the products available for lip balm they noticed one major aspect that gave them the idea of reinventing the product. The brands currently on the market had all been made with a similar generic design, which included a tube-shaped container. The first thing the co-founders did was hire a professional to help them create a new container. This led to the the popular orb shape used today. They also decided to make the orb appear more like a beauty product by giving it pleasing pastel shades.

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In addition to changing the way the container looked, the team at EOS also wanted to change the lip balm itself. They decided to create a line of products using natural ingredients derived from plants. This made their lip balm appealing to people interested in using only natural or organic products. Deciding to stay on course with the younger generation of millennials, they also wanted their product to connect with customers. They managed to accomplish this by having their lip balms appeal to a person’s sense of taste and smell. They also used a marketing campaign that targeted women aged 25 to 35 with blog posts on social media websites.  Click on amazon.com for additional details.

More of EOS on http://www.target.com/p/eos-organic-lip-balm-sphere-summer-fruit/-/A-13352556

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Flavio Maluf- The CEO, Chairman and President of Eucatex

It is hard to find a family run business that is a leader in its industry. This is commonly as a result of poor management, where family members put their interest before that of the company. This is turn leads to a lot of conflicts followed by losses. But Eucatex is not just any common company. The company that was founded back in the year 1951 is an industry leader. At that point in time, Brazil had no policies regulating the impact of companies to the environment. However, even though the owners of the company knew that companies were taking advantage of this fact but they decided to be the bigger company. They went ahead to concentrate on manufacturing products that were environmentally friendly. The company concentrated on the manufacture of panels using natural eucalyptus. To date, the company continues to thrive. And, this is all due to great management.


Currently, the company is under the leadership of Flavio Maluf who is the president, CEO and chairman of the company. Flavio has expansive knowledge in this industry. He has dedicated approximately 30 years to this company. He began working for the company back in the year 1987, upon his return from his career and education pursuit in New York. He had successfully began a career abroad, following the completion of his postgraduate degree, in Business Administration, from the New York University. The degree would complement his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, which he had obtained from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado.


When Flavio Maluf started working for his family company his uncle, the then president, placed him in the trade area of the company. He did not get any privileges just because he was family. In fact, he had to work in various positions within the trade area, before he could even be transferred to the industrial area. But when it happened, doors opened. His uncle invited him to serve in the executive board and a year later he was appointed to succeed him as the president of the company. With the years he has been promoted, first to CEO and recently to chairman of the board of directors.

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Jim Tananbaum Appoints Dr. Molly He To Enhance The Operations Of Foresite Capital Management

Recently, Foresite Capital posited that they had added Molly He as a venture partner. Dr. Molly joins the healthcare growth equity firm from Illumina where she worked as a senior director in charge of scientific research. Dr. Molly will enhance Foresite Capital’s operations considering that she has more than 15 years of experience in genomic and pharmaceutical research and development.

According to Jim Tananbaum, Dr. Molly He is one of the highly respected scientific researchers in the next generation sequencing. He reiterated that they would be happy to work with her. Tananbaum is the CEO and managing director of Foresite Capital. He also added that she will be an invaluable resource to the company due to her remarkable record in leadership and expertise in genomics, and drug development. Her contribution will be integral to the firm, as it continues to grow and diversify its portfolio.

At Illumina, Molly He was responsible for enhancing its protein reagent objectives. Previously, Dr. He worked for Pacific Biosciences as the head of protein sciences. She played a significant role in enhancing the company’s protein reagent development for Pacific Biosciences’ single molecular real-time sequencing chemistry.

According to INC42, at the start of her career, Dr. Molly He spent 10 years working in the pharmaceutical industry. She specialized in the structural-based design of antibody along with small molecule drugs that targeted cancer and immune diseases. She has a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Nankai University. Additionally, she holds a PhD in protein biophysics from the celebrated University of California. Molly has written more than 20 papers. In addition, she is a holder of more than 20 patent applications and issued patents. Her patents focus on the next-generation sequencing and personalized medicine. She said that she was pleased to join Foresite Capital, a company that is reputable for investing in the most innovative firms in the healthcare industry.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum earned his M.D from Harvard Medical School. He also holds an MBA from the revered Harvard Business School. Moreover, Jim has a B.S.E.E and B.S from Yale University. The executive is credited for providing transformative leadership at Foresite Capital Management.

Over the years, Jim has invested in 21 healthcare firms, including Amira Pharmaceuticals and Amerigroup. Previously, Jim established Theravance and GelTex Pharmaceuticals, where he also served in various management positions. He is the recipient of various awards. Recently, Forbes honored him by including his name in the Midas List of Top Tech Investors. More details can be found on Researchgate.

Check out: https://www.facebook.com/foresitecapital

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Goettl Dominates the Air Conditioning Market

In a move that saw it gain 20 new employees, Goettl Air Conditioning in January 2017 merged with Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air Conditioning to form a stronger unit in the residential air conditioning market. Goettl has acquired many other companies in Las Vegas and is looking forward to continue doing so around the Southwest region of Nevada. Apart from taking over the company’s employees, they would also take over the residential clients. With Las Vegas Air, this was made easier by the existing relationship between Stephen Gamst and Ken Goodrich. Both parties would benefit from the merge because they would not only offer HVAC services, but also plumbing skills. The services would also be open to the commercial sector.


On 10th January, Arizona Foothills Magazine named Goettl Air Conditioning as the providers of the best HVAC services in Arizona for the year 2017. The company has also been helpful in expanding the American Residential Service through the Southern part of the United States. They are experts in handling the heating and air conditioning in the Southwest. In Las Vegas, the company has reopened their offices, which had earlier been closed, and are now providing furnace repairs, A/C repairs, sale of related products and HVAC management and installation. In attempt to expand their business, Goettl had made contact with Desert Valley Mechanical and the Sunny Plumber.


Goettl air conditioning has been in business from 1939 servicing areas through Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas. The company does both residential and commercial air conditioning services involving installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of indoor air devices and equipment such as humidifiers and dust cleaners. As per the customer’s requirement, heaters can also be installed and their maintenance done frequently. An additional service that Goettl offers is inspection of roofs and attics. This is useful in preventing excess heat from entering your house. Other services offered include lighting, ventilation and also selling of UV germicidal lights.


Kenneth Goodrich’s popularity has grown over the years as he has led his company in helping needy people in the local area. His involvement in charitable organizations has been remarkable; the most renown being opening of the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Endowment. This was a platform that created a chance for students to attend classes in HVAC by giving them scholarships. The company will always be remembered for donating tools worth $100 million to the College of Southern Nevada.

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EOS Lip Balm Flavors for All

There are a lot of flavors in EOS lip balms. You might not know what ones are going to be the best or what ones that you can get if you want to. There are plenty to choose from and plenty you should consider.

Smooth Lip Balms

If you need a lip balm that is extra smooth, then this might be what you need. The smooth lip balms are made to help your lips to feel better when they are chapped. This means you can heal your lips while you are enjoying the flavors they have.

Some of the flavors that are available in the smooth line are Strawberry Sorbet, Passion Fruit, Sweet Mint and more. There are a lot of different ones that are within this line if you need the extra help with your lips.  Click evolutionofsmooth.ca for more details.

Visibly Soft

This line is even more smooth for those that need more than just a standard lip balm for their chapped lips. You will notice this line has a lot more Shea Butter in it and that it is made to heal the lips instead of just keeping them from getting chapped in the first place.

There are not as many flavors in this line. The ones they have are Vanilla Mint, Blackberry Nectar, and Coconut Milk. These flavors are a little sweet with just a hint of other flavors.

Shimmer Smooth

This line gives your lips a bit of a shimmer to help them look better. They are also smooth and help with keeping lips looking and feeling good.

There are a few flavors with this line including Sheer Pink and Pearl. These don’t have as much flavor as the other ones you might find, but they will help your lips to look good.  Useful link here at douglas.de.

There are a lot of different flavors with EOS, but not all of them will be for you. Take your time and find the one that is good for you. Follow EOS on their facebook.com page.

For more info, visit EOS on https://evolutionofsmooth.com/

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Release The Unicorns: Lime Crime Launches Hair Color For The Brilliant and Bold

If you’re the kind of person who thinks that your hair and makeup routine should say something about you other than, “Wow, it looks like she’s not wearing any makeup.” look no further than Lime Crime.


The cosmetics company, founded by the queen of standing out in brilliant color, Doe Deere, offers a range of beauty products in bold exciting colors. If you’re looking for nude and beige, or the perfect blonde that you could have been born with; this is not the product line for you. The company was founded with the idea that hair and makeup are a way to express yourself, rather than a way to blend in with the crowd.


Lime Crime’s makeup line is fresh, bold, and wholeheartedly brightly colored, so we were really excited to hear about the launch of their new unicorn hair color. The hair color comes in a range of hue’s than run the gamut from pale pink to cool steel grey.


Unicorn hair color is available in two strengths, full coverage and tints. Choose your strength based on whether you want to go full on unicorn or just flirt with your inner unicorn. When applied to light blonde, or bleached hair, the full coverage dye will give you a fully saturated color that any unicorn would be proud of. For best results, and the minimum hair damage, Lime Crime recommends that you have your hair professionally bleached, before applying their, all natural, vegan hair color.


Tints will give you color that is more of suggestion than a bold statement. If you have dark hair and you want the effect of a tint you should opt for full coverage color over unbleached hair.


Unicorn hair color is all semi-permanent, meaning that it will fade over time as you wash your hair. The dye is vegetable based, and free of bleach and peroxide, which means it is gentle on your hair. Because unicorn hair color will neither damage your hair, nor need to be removed, you are free to experiment with a brilliant color without paying with the health of your hair. follow them on instagram.





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