EOS Lip, Celebrities and the Work Class Reviews

EOS lip balm is taking off in ways that many people may not have ever considered. This has become the type of lip balm product that is moving many units because it is so popular with celebrities (mapleholistics.com).  This may be one of the main things that builds up the anticipation about this product.

When celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez are seen with products like this it becomes something that generates a great amount of buzz from their fans. Social media dots get connected, and more people find out that this is something that they want to try out.

This has been great for the makers of the EOS lip balm because it is essentially free marketing. None of these celebrities have official contracts with the Evolution of Smooth, but they have helped this brand move forward immensely by the pictures where they are spotted utilizing this.

It is possible that some of these celebrities may ink contracts for the brand in the future because there is so much talk about EOS in celebrity circles. Aside from the reviews that have been given by celebrities on this lip balm it is also something that is greatly appreciated by the working class. A ton of people are looking at the possibilities that exist when it comes to lip balm because there are so many choices.

Consumers that are buying this will typically look at what is currently popular. This is how EOS lip balm products have become the top in the lip balm market. Some consumers, however, may wonder how it got to this point. The answer for this is easy. The EOS lip balm stands out. It’s easyto spot with the pastel colors, and it is wrapped in a different shape container from traditional lip balm products.

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Lori Senecal’s Vision for Success

The name that comes to mind when I think of success is Lori Senecal. Lori is the Global CEO at Crispin Porter and Bogusky a position she has held since 2015. Through her leadership roles she has proven to be a force to reckon with. Lori has a long list of achievements which she attributes to her upbringing. Her innovation skills came to the forefront when she launched a young-adult marketing unit known as TAG Ideation in 2003. This enabled Lori to work with various companies among them: Nestle, Xbox, Sprint to name just a few. She was even more motivated to pursue higher goals as she went on to serve as the Chief Marketing Officer for DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. from 2005 until 2008. In 2013, Lori won the Quantum Leap Award for her achievements in innovation. She then went on to serve as the Director and Chief Executive Officer for MDC Partners Inc. between 2014 and 2015. Lori’s achievements saw her named to the AdWeek’s Power 100 List for two consecutive years. Last year she was named as the Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company.


According to GC Report, one needs role models to look up to in order to envision success. For Lori, those role models were her older siblings. She credits the success of her older siblings as being the motivation she needed to pursue her goals. Her educational background is in Sales and Marketing which have proven to be the right fit for her. Lori Senecal chooses to broaden her reach by looking at the global audience and what that audience can bring into her company. It is this vision, leadership skills and motivation to succeed that have proven to be the main ingredients for Lori’s success thus far.


Lori recognizes that the internet age has taken over and we should evolve as well. Advertising is a major part of getting one’s message across to the masses. Utilizing social media is a great way to reach people around all corners of this world. Lori sees the use of Facebook Ads as a great way to advertise in today’s digital world.



Click here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/lori-senecal

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Innovations in OSI Industries

OSI Industries is the largest food provider in the globe and its successes have been associated with the great leadership exercised by its executives. The firm which was established over a decade ago specializes in the manufacture and provision of poultry-based products, beef products like hamburgers, pizza, among many others. The firm also offers its clients with vegetable products, to meet the needs of vegetarians. The firm has won the trust of many individuals across the globe due to the genuine and high-quality products that they offer to their clients. Besides, OSI Industries has strived through hard economic times and still maintained its stability.

The firm has also maintained Cutting edge technology in their operations and since the technological breakthrough in the late 1960`s, the firm adopted the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze food, a step that helped them maintain the freshness of products after manufacture. As a result, there were fewer losses incurred like before and OSI Industries started operating under large scale basis without fear of their products going stale within a few days after production. Additionally, the firm started partnerships with other firms at the beginning of its launch and has till today continued to associate with other big companies so as to maintain a vast production and distribution of their products throughout the broader parts of the globe.

OSI Industries is customer oriented and since its establishment the firm has strived to maintain a good relationship with its consumers. It carries out its operations in many countries with varying cultures, and over the recent years, it has positively responded to its client’s opinions, with a close look and respect for their culture. In races like Islamic countries where people do not take pork, the firm has strived to offer people with products that they prefer and those that do not interfere with their beliefs. The excellent services and products offered by the firm have seen it mark a major growth in its production and development.

The firm has always acted in integrity with an aim of meeting their customer needs and encouraging them to shop with them. The politeness and concern exercised by OSI Industries’ employees have attracted a vast number of customers to the firm, and still maintained their old customers that are entirely pleased with the firm’s services and products. OSI Industries looks forward to expanding its operations in more countries across the globe to reach out to many people that are willing to purchase their food products.

Contact OSI Food: www.forbes.com/companies/osi-group/

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Matt Badiali: Freedom Checks And Why They Are Important

Matt Badiali has worked in the finance industry for over 20 years at this point. However, if you had asked him over 20 years ago, he more than likely would have never expected to become such a leading figure in this industry. He originally was on the path to becoming a career scientist. He received a bachelor’s degree in Earth sciences before attending Florida Atlantic University where he received his Master’s degree in geology. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more. He was in the process of pursuing his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina never he was first contacted by a member of the finance industry who was in the process of developing a team of researchers that would help him develop investment advice in the natural resource and commodities sectors. Matt Badiali quickly jumped on the opportunity and was soon part of a research team that traveled the world in order to see corporations and their operations firsthand in the quest to develop unique investment advice. Today Matt Badiali is the leading expert on commodities for Banyan Hill Publishing Company. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

Recently, Matt Badiali published a video that quickly went viral where he spoke of a unique investment opportunity that promised significant regular returns that he called Freedom Checks. The term Freedom Checks is a unique creation of Matt Badiali himself however he is speaking about a real investment opportunity. Matt Badiali first learned of this investment opportunity during research on the oil and natural gas industries of the United States of America.

In the 1980s Congress passed a piece of legislation known as Statute 26-F. As a result of this legislation, a new classification of an organization in the oil and natural gas industries was created. This classification is known as a master limited partnership. A master limited partnership is a corporation which is able to operate entirely tax-free in the oil and natural gas industries. This obviously creates huge incentives for a corporation to meet the requirements for this classification.

In order to qualify as a master limited partnership, the corporation must arrive 90% of its income from the processing, production, storage, and transportation of oil and natural gas domestically within the borders of the United States of America. In addition, the corporation must also periodically payout a portion of its revenue to its shareholders. This periodic payment from a corporation is taxed at the capital gains rate of tax. This is what Matt Badiali refers to whenever he speaks of Freedom Checks.

Visit: http://www.metropolismag.com/uncategorized/freedom-check/

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The Great Insights of Adam Milstein

Besides being a great philanthropist, Adam Milstein has also talked to the media to educate and inspire people. Through his recent article, Adam called on the Jewish people to come together and work as a team. He insists that division is the enemy of development and that many countries fail to achieve their goals, majorly through the divisions and groups that people form. Adam Milstein calls on the Jewish people to come up with ways through which they can handle their differences in a peaceful manner to avoid dragging their country backward. He believes that the Jewish people can successfully deal with the various challenges that they face through sharing of ideas so as to come up with effective measures to handle them.

Additionally, the renowned philanthropist and writer encourage people of the Jewish community to exercise good parenting through teaching their children good morals. Adam is a strong believer in innovation and urges every individual in the community to be innovative and derive new measures to deal with the various problems that they face. He gives hope and praise to the Jewish people and assures them that they are beautifully made, hence they should be happy and proud of themselves.

In the recent years, Adam Milstein has taken the initiative to bring hope and shine the light to many individuals across his community and the entire world. He is the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Foundation, and through the charitable organization, he has taken part in a vast number of fundraisings to help the less fortunate besides working together with open-minded people to bring a change to the society.

Adam insists on the importance of education in the society and to the Jewish people. Adam Milstein has strived to encourage Jews to consider educating their children and give them the best in life as they are the future and hope of the society. His advocations have been received positively by many people and through his publications, he looks forward to continuing encouraging people and giving them insight concerning life. Besides, he is strong advocations towards work has highly contributed to the rise in the economic status of the Jewish people.



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Dr. Johanan Rand, a Leading Name in Weight-loss Medicine.

In an era where doctors care less for their patients than ever before, one professional, Dr. Johanan Rand of New Jersey, defies this trend, choosing instead to provide top-notch healthcare and warmth to his patients. Educated at the world renowned Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York, Dr. Johanan Rand is considered to be at the forefront of weight-loss and anti-aging medicine. In fact, Dr. Johanan Rand is a member of Age Management Group as well as the A4M society. He is a fellow of the A4M society, and is in the process of writing a book “It’s not too late to live past 100” using the knowledge he has acquired in many years as a medical professional.

Dr. Johanan Rand is perhaps most known for being on the cutting edge of medical practice. Famous for developing his HCG diet program, Dr. Johanan Rand invented a way to utilize a hormone that women produce when pregnant to induce weight loss without muscle deterioration. Notably, this hormone sidesteps a key issue with weight-loss, a constant feeling of hunger, by allowing the body to consume low-calorie diets without feeling hungry. With this weight loss medicine, Dr. Johanan Rand has enabled many patients to lose weight that seemed to outmatch other weight loss medicines. He was inspired by a theory developed by a British doctor in 1954, that most diets do not work because the body has an instinctive tendency to resist losing weight. Dr. Johanan Rand incorporated this knowledge into the creation of his weight loss medicine, realizing that, by utilizing the HCG hormone, he can convince the body to tolerate low calorie diets.

Dr. Rand has also tackled the prevalent issue of erectile disfunction among older men. Through his research into anti-aging, and his accolades on the subject mentioned above, he has been able to offer new, effective medicine to combat erectile disfunction.

Dr. Johanan Rand has helped countless people find effective proven solutions for weight-loss and erectile disfunction through a unique combination of hormone treatment and his own personal charm and kindness.


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Trusted Reviews of the Evolution of Smooth AKA EOS

Only being in business for roughly nine years now, EOS has brought back the lip balm fiercely, with people wanting their hands on all the flavors and colors they have. Looking good enough to eat with the many flavors they offer, it also tips the scale as being available for all. The benefits of the essential natural oils keep lips soft and soothing while relieving the stress that chapped lips can make. Keeping lips healthy and hydrated is what EOS products are all about (mapleholistics.com).

Their Visibly Soft lip balm collection, speaks for themselves with names like Vanilla Mint, Coconut Milk, Honey Apply, and Pure Hydration! With Pure Hydration, it says exactly what your lips will get. Each of these hypoallergenic lip balms consists of rich cocoa and shea butter, moisturizing oils for softer and smoother lips. The ingredients alone, says that EOS cares about their brand and the customers they serve. Their ingredients are 100% natural, along with the many essential oils, antioxidants, shea butter, and they are paraben and petrolatum free.

The Shea butter alone keeps lips soft and hydrated while it protects them from the dry or cold weather. This ingredient, plus all the other benefits EOS puts in their products says a lot. It could say that they care and understand the importance of healthy and smooth lips. Just think, if something is this good for the other parts of the body, how much better could it be beneficial for your lips? No more suffering from licking your lips when they become dry because EOS lip balm is a long-lasting softness that goes on for hours. Regardless of which EOS product that is bought and use, you can trust that their products will deliver all that they say they are and continue to be; Evolution of Smooth.

For more reviews, visit https://www.ulta.com/smooth-sphere-lip-balm?productId=xlsImpprod3490245

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Jason Hope: The Future of Internet of Things

If one were to take a moment and consider how far we have come in the last eighteen years since the turn of the century, the next logical things to wonder is what the next two or even twelve years holds. Before there was no way to predict how revolutionary the internet would genuinely be for humanity. That the internet would bring rise to smartphones like the iPhone, tablets like those made by Android and Apple, or even small connected devices that allow us to monitor and control our homes in real-time from across the globe. I think it’s safe to say; not even Jason Hope could have imagined it.

Though, after graduating from Arizona State Universal with a Master’s of Business and Administration, he did think to have a vision in mind and thoughts to share. Building a career as an investor and philanthropist, he made it a mission to support the advancement of humankind unlike anyone before him.

Jason Hope dedicates his vast knowledge of science and technology, resources and time to causes and people who align with his mission. Organizations like the SENS Research Foundation, as well as the Boys and Girls Club. His many donations go far and wide in speeding along breakthroughs in an emerging area call Rejuvenation Biotechnology, and assuring more boys and girls can realize their dreams.

Most notably, however, is Jason Hope’s interest in the Internet of Things. His belief that they will shape our world in the very near future. If one were to take a step back, it’s clear to see the foundations for such a reality have already been laid. Through the introduction of Apple’s HomeKit or Android Home; Amazon is also interested in the automated home market, where small devices collectively grant us so much control over our homes and daily lives the internet couldn’t do alone.

It becomes more interesting when Jason Hope brings up security, with all of these different platforms, how do we keep everything secure? The whole idea is a vastly interconnected world of devices and beacons, but as it stands they would all be on separate platforms, virtually disconnected from one another. Jason Hope believes once we overcome this concept, we can indeed reap the benefits of the internet of things. Cars connected intimately to our phones, and our homes and perhaps even our final destinations. All with security and privacy front and center.

Jason Hope’s  Social Media: twitter.com/jasonhope

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You Will Want to Read Every Word of Ian King’s Cryptocurrency Articles

Ian King is an experienced cryptocurrency trader. His career in finance dates back over three decades. He has worked for some of the largest, and well known financial institutions, including Solomon Brothers and Citigroup. Ian, as a college student, also interned at Merrill Lynch during the summer.

He begin working at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017. He is an editor and a senior analyst. He writes extensively on the topic of cryptocurrency. Ian is the editor of the Crypto Profit Trader, published by Banyan Hill. Additionally, he has extensive background in options trading, and as a hedge fund manager in New York City. Ian spent more than 10 years as a head trader at Peahi Capital, a prestigious hedge fund company in Manhattan. Read more articles by Ian King at Investopedia.

Ian King joins a team of other financial experts and his new endeavor. He is a frequent contributor to another Banyan Hill publication, namely the Sovereign Investor Daily. His in depth research keeps him apprised of the latest financial activity, including the ever changing world of the cryptocurrency market.

Ian is also an entrepreneur. In the midst of his successful career on Wall Street, Ian decided to make a change to the course of his career. Ian was very interested in crypto trading, and he was good at it. He has made great strides in his research of cryptocurrency. One new technological product, which he created for Investopedia Academy, was the first like it to come to fruition. He created a new multimedia device for cryptocurrency trading. Read more at Talk Markets.

He is fascinated by cryptocurrency, and his expert knowledge is evident in all of his writings. Ian follows the trends very closely. In 2017, cryptocurrency and Bitcoins were trading at very high levels, in the area of billions of dollars. His readers appreciate his honest, introspective analysis. He takes the time to explain why and how cryptocurrencies are valued, and where to expect their prices to go this year. The well rounded approach to his analysis helps his readers determine their next move.

Check: https://medium.com/@iankingguru/here-come-the-cryptocorns-aba0fd868f44

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GoBuyside Changes the Way Finance Pros Connect with Clients

GoBuyside is a global platform for financial recruitment. It was established in 2011 by Stanford Graduate Arjun Kapur. He took notice of the shortened hiring cycle and how competition continually increases. GoBuyside was created to be a platform that specifically caters to professionals in the finance industry. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

GoBuyside is a network that combines applicant tracking, job boards, and AI to match finance industry professionals with employers all over the globe. The financial recruiting platform signs and screens professionals and matches these professionals up with the needs of clients. In the last seven years, go by side has grown to work with more than 10,000 firms in more than 500 cities with more than 500 clients.

The platform prides itself on its level of transparency and credits much of its success to this principle. The platform allows professionals to get a correct perspective by accessing proprietary level compensation reviews. It’s also possible for professionals to get notifications to maintain awareness of when new opportunities are available. Read more about GoBuyside at inspirery.com.

The process that GoBuyside uses to find professionals is a vigorous one. This dynamic is necessary if GoBuyside is genuinely going to provide the best professionals to its clients. The platform aims to locate and deliver upper echelon executives to clients across numerous Industries. Kapur was recently interviewed and asked about his expansion strategy. He replied that servicing the client is the main priority. Clients have innumerable options when it comes to choosing services and goods. Therefore, Kapur feels that genuine care for the clients and doing what is best for them is the key to getting clients to choose your business over another. Kapur’s approach has a central focus on the client’s needs and desires.

Kapur uses artificial intelligence regarding research and development. For example, technology can be used to aggregate information about an applicant from across the internet. Pulling data about the applicant from numerous sources provides a more comprehensive view of the applicant.

For a recruitment platform to be successful, it is essential to be highly efficient at connecting applicants with a suitable work environment. The accrual of information from multiple sources helps better match employers with applicants.

GoBuyside continues to match alternative investment managers, hedge funds, private equity firms, advisory platforms and more companies with the upper tier of global talent in the financial industry. Arjun Kapur continues to lead the way and plans to add applicable technologies to the recruitment platform.

Learn: https://www.inc.com/profile/gobuyside

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