OSI food solutions is an American based meat processing company that is privately owned. This company specializes in servicing retail and food provision industries globally. Its international headquarters are based in Illinois. It has several United States plants located in Riverside in California, West Chicago, Jordan, and Geneva among others. OSI Food Solutions is well known for producing many privately owned brands for its customers, and it serves more than seventeen countries within its sixty-five facilities. OSI food solutions supplies products like hot dogs, bacon, pork, fish, pizza, vegetable, meat patties, dough products and poultry. It has been a major supplier to China’s fast food stores like Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Subway and John’s Pizza. The Company has received a couple of awards since the commencement of its operations including environmental conservation, health management, and safety risks.

OSI food solutions has been ranked among the top 100 companies in America due to its constant expansion since its establishment. The company aims typically at delivering its promise on a daily basis and producing products that will delight every customer as it makes its deliveries and during processing. The company has over Twenty thousand employees who are well known for their hard work, Competence and customer needs responsiveness. The foods manufactured at OSI Foods Solutions are generally under customer specifications.

The company has been able to double their production capacity of chicken from twelve tons to twenty-four tons. The company’s expansion has come at a great time for these countries and the company. The company, as at now, produces over forty-five thousand tons of beef, chicken, and pork and with an investment of over seventeen million pounds, OSI expects even more substantial amounts of profits this year since the demand of chicken has gone high. The over six percent growth of this company will add job opportunities hence bettering the lives of many in Spain.

OSI Food Solutions recently acquired Baho food. Baho food is a Dutch company which majors snacks, deli meat and convenience food manufacturing, supplying for both the retail and food serving industries. The company is set to open doors for the OSI products in Europe according to David McDonald, OSI group CEO and President. Baho Company has subsidiaries in Netherlands and Germany. These subsidiaries include: Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Frischwaren, Q Smart Life and Henri Van de Bilt and they serve thousands of customers in eighteen countries in Europe.

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