NGP VAN Technology Makes Fundraising Campaign Convenient

Running for a political office is quite expensive, and a lofty ambition. This would require a campaign to bring in funds, and must be handled in a very appropriate manner that involves good strategy and coordination. Fundraising requires a lot of information that takes a lot of time to prepare and implement. The absence of suitable means can lead to surplus data that result to a logjam that may adversely affect the campaign.

Based on the 2016 data of the Federal Election Commission, a successful senate candidate had expenses of about $10.4 million, and a United States House Representative candidate used up around $1.5 million during an election cycle campaign. Incidentally, even local election expenditures have increased overtime requiring a more competitive way of raising campaign funds.

At present most campaigns are done by using modern technology and applications in order to attain a wide margin of success. NGP VAN provides state-of-the-art campaigns for Democrats including organizations that are non-profit and otherwise. By employing the services of NGP VAN, campaign supervisors are able to monitor and organize all essential aspects of the campaign from online consoles and panels. Majority of voter and fundraising campaigns related to the Democrats have been driven by the software from NGP VAN.

The digital solutions or platforms offered by NGP VAN have the means to establish donations online where every single donor can contribute small amounts regularly during the entire course of a campaign. Through the development of a digital sponsors’ list using the cited platforms, the campaign team is afforded the technology to request for donations as well as construct a network that can have an extensive reach. The platforms similarly permit donors to monitor their contribution at any given time.

This type of campaign machinery disputes the notion that fundraising for political endeavors is akin to a collection for some charity causes that inhibits the success of the campaign. Technically, the volunteers, staff and candidates are prevented from requesting for money when they are constrained by this kind of fundraising concept. This kind of technology stresses the impression that political supporters do not give because of philanthropic reasons, but they give because they of their own political priorities and they want their candidate to win.

NGP has been associated with the Voter Activation Network (VAN) since 2011, and became NGP VAN, which is a web hosting and voter database provider headquartered in Washington, D.C. It presently has more than 200 employees strategically manning the head office and the service office at Somerville, Massachusetts.

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