Michel Terpins: The Racer Playing For The Bull’s Sertes Rally Team

Racing is a tough game to crack. You need endurance. You need to fight for your goals. You need to go to the end of your limits and find the right energy to withstand the hurdles for each lap. This challenge is the situation that Michel Terpins was facing when he joined the Bull’s Sertões Rally Team in the doubles of the 25th edition the last time the T1 Prototype Category got launched. The RacerMichel Terpins also acceded to the team for the largest off-road sports event in the nation and will start from the 19 up to 26/8, which then will have an end at the 3,300 km of the road race. Michel Terpins won’t succeed in the sports if he doesn’t have the support of an incredible and powerful team. The team he’s in consists of the best players in Goias, Mato Grosso does Sul and Mato Grosso. These are the three states that include the 25-year Sertões Rally that MichBeing the pilot of theteam, Michel Terpins also proved himself a worthy leader in the team. With the help of navigator Maykel Justo (#322) of the Bull Sertões Rally Team, success will be an easy feat to achieve. The team will prove worthy and flush the dust off the 3,300-kilometer long race. The race got held at the Support Park in the Autodromo Internacional de Goiania and had established a series of distinct trajectories in an off-road setting. The paths in the off-road environment saw Terpins and Justo doing the race in a consecutive year both in the T1 Prototype category and onboard the T-Rex platform that MEM Motorsport has developed. The car used for the contest has undergone a significant and influential modification that gave the car an even more compelling and competitive edge. This robustness makes the Sertoes race the most awaited exciting event that the year would see, and it will prove most enjoyable to those who will see Michel Terpins play the game that he’s proven himself worthy to do. With the robust car that the team of Michel Terpins has, it’s not hard to easy how they would win the race, and even if anything can happen at the end of the game, they’re sure that their meticulously robust car with a V8 ethanol engine would be a force to reckon.


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