Matthew Autterson: Successful Financial Executive

Matthew Autterson is one of the most well-known financial executives in the United States. He is a corporate executive who have served the financial industry most of his life, and he has been serving as the president of a government chartered financial institution for the past 25 years. He has left his mark on the institution, and has been recognized as the only executive who managed to transform the institution for good, and has brought them to new heights.

Matthew Autterson graduated from the Michigan State University, where he received his B.A. in Finance. Soon after graduating from the university, he decided to study once again and enrolled himself at the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. He earned a certification for tax program after graduating for the second time, and then he decided to enter the corporate world to look for work. His first job was with the First Trust Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Fiserv. Fiserv is a technology solutions provider to financial corporations, providing computers programs and software. He worked with First Trust Corporation for only a short period of time, and decided to leave the company because of personal reasons. He later joined a newly established team that will lead the opening of a public trust company serving the State of Colorado. This trust company is named Resources Trust Company, a subsidiary of Integrated Resources, a financial service firm based in New York. He was appointed as the company’s president four years after its establishment. His leadership managed to take the company into new heights, and because of their success, other firms are knocking on their doors to offer deals. One of the deals that have gotten their attention was a merging deal between the Resources Trust Company and Broad Inc. Matthew Autterson gave the go signal for the deal, and the two companies merged, becoming SunAmerica, Inc. The newly established company formed through the merging of two previous financial giants became the leading financial institution in the United States, attracting a huge number of clients. SunAmerica, Inc. has also shown their great performance in just a short period of time, and it has attracted the larger financial institutions in the country. SunAmerica, Inc. was soon acquired by AIG for $18 billion.

Matthew Autterson is also active in doing philanthropic works. He had left SunAmerica Inc., and is currently serving as the president, CEO and board member of CNS Bioscience Inc.



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