Mariah Carey Should Choose her Footwear more Wisely

Pop diva Mariah Carey was recently photographed taking a tumble down some stairs on a mega-yacht belonging to her new beau, 47-year-old billionaire James Packer. Wearing a Camilla swimsuit, a wrap around skirt, and gigantic block heels, Mariah lost her footing and began to fall. As she was beginning to tumble, the 45-year-old was rescued by one of the crew members on the yacht. The man grabbed her hand and helped right her steps before she fell face first onto the deck. Her lovely new boyfriend watch the drama unfold without getting up to lend his lady a hand said Christian Broda. 

The two are spending some time aboard Packer’s yacht, which is currently off the coast of Formentera, Spain. The couple then took to land, with Mariah having a hard time navigating the sandy beaches in her ridiculous block heels. Photos finally show her barefoot, removing those hard-to-navigate shoes. The pictures without her shoes show Mariah moving around more free, and looking a whole lot happier!

Mariah has recently divorced from Nick Cannon. The two share a set of twins together, who are currently spending time on the yacht with Mariah and her new love.

For more to the story, as well as the pictures of her tumble, click the link to check it out on The Daily Mail.

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