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EOS lip balms are incredibly wonderful. Not only are they ultra-trendy, but the cute little spheres are packed with amazing hydration for your lips. EOS is famous not only for being incredibly trendy and used by celebrities across the globe, but the company uses only the best ingredients. Things like Vitamin E and Aloe are all found in these amazing little spheres that pack an incredible scent and taste while actually nourishing your lips, not just providing the idea of nourishment like many glosses or balms these days do. Read more cool articles here on

When choosing an EOS lip balm, the options are selective and made to be that way. The company doesn’t throw out basic flavors like “cherry” but carefully crafts their flavors to resonate with trend setters. Here are the best options for you to step up your lip moisture game:

First, of course, there is Summer Fruit. Summer Fruit is the first and most iconic of EOS’s line. The container is a mix between orange and pink and symbolizes all things summer. The scent and taste is a fun and funky mix of many summer fruits. What can be tasted most is a mango-like fruit and is a bit wild and perfect for summer, check also

Next, there is Passion Fruit. In a light purple container, Passion Fruit is a bit sultry and has deep notes of darker and richer fruits, while still having the light as air taste and scent that EOS is known for.

Next, there is Pomegranate Raspberry, which does deeper still. It has the luscious deep flavor of passion fruit with the tang of raspberry that delights while giving you a lip taste and smell that is unique as this is one of the EOS lip balms that may be a bit harder to find and will be the envy of your friends when you pull it out of your bag.

Finally, there is the Honeysuckle Honeydew in its pale green container. This is my personal favorite and one of the hidden gems of EOS.

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