Lime Crime Uses Unique Polly Pocket Packaging to Help Women Express Themselves Creatively

Lime Crime just delighted its cult like group of fans with perhaps the cutest branding in eyeshadow history. Their new line, called the Pocket Candy Palette hit stores (physical and online) in September and fans are literally going crazy for the brightly colored plastic kits. They are a steal at just $34 for each one of $90 for a set of three that includes pink, a bright lemon color and blue.

The yellow pocket contains mauve tones that are perfect for those who want to have a more toned down look. The pink pocket contains bright pinks and rich purples and the blue pocket is a rainbow of rich purples and sparkling whites. You can buy the entire set and mix and match for the perfect combination to share your style.

That’s what Lime Crime is all about – helping women share their style. Lime Crime is a cult favorite and they set unmatchable trends that cause fans to literally freak out each time a new product drops.

Lime Crime touts itself as beauty with a little hint of rebellion or Beauty and the Twist if you will. They pride themselves on being a truly authentic brand that actually listens to its fan base and makes products as well as tweaks existing products on the basis of what their fan base craves. They want women to live in a cosmetic world unlike any other. They seek a world where there are no limits to how a woman can express herself through the power of makeup and bright colors. Lime Crime isn’t about blending in, they are about helping women stand out.

Whether it is through their clever packaging, bright makeup products or simply through the availability of colors and hues – it’s all about the user and making sure that they are not just happy with a purchase but that they become raving fans.

Want to jump on the Polly Pocket train of glamor with the hundreds of thousands of Lime Crime loyalists? The Pocket Candy Palettes are now available online but word to the wise – they are going quickly!

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