Lime Crime : Giving Different Colors and Shades to Your Hair

The fashion industry sustains on a continuous growth of brands. As far as the hair fashion is concerned, Lime Crime is one of the most trending brands with a deep sense of consumer behavior. Lime Crime is once again in the news for bringing out the newest product of its brand. The brand is set to launch a new hair dye meant for unicorn hair. Lime Crime has recently announced its most coveted Unicorn hair Dye with 13 different shades. Fashion aficionados are about to get passionate about this new product by the company.



The new hair dyes introduced by Lime Cream are one of the best dyes ever produced by a brand. Crime Lime spent three years to develop these new hair dyes. What make these dyes unique are their constituents. Unlike other hair dyes that are filled with bleach and ammonia, the company’s Unicorn Hair Dyes are developed from vegan ingredients that have no negative effect on the health of hair. Moreover, the 13 different shades of the dyes bring a full blown color and different dye formulae. The shades of the dyes are made in such a way that they can last for minimum 8-10 and a maximum 10-12 washes. What is more tempting is the price tag the product comes with. A jar of this Unicorn Hair Dye costs $16, which is quite affordable to a large number of average people with an interest in dying their hair.



It is an internationally renowned cosmetic brand. The brand was founded by Doe Deere in 2008. The company offers a wide range of cosmetic products such as hair dyes, lipsticks, and eye-shadows. The brand has made a reputation for bringing color and brightness to cosmetic products. The brand caters to a wide range of make-up artists, fashion aficionados, and women who want colorful appearances. The brand has over the years doubled its sales and revenues, while it continues to produce new products.



The newly launched Unicorn Hair Dye provides 13 different colors and shades, and thus is catering to a large number of customers. The new product provides a wide choice for its customers depending upon their likeness for colors and shades.



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