Lime Crime Breaks the Makeup Mold

If you find yourself bored combing over the same color pallets lipstick and eye shadow at your local department or drug stores, then boy are you in for a treat. Say goodbye to the same old stuff and hello to the magical, colorful world of Lime Crime makeup.

Russian-born owner and found Doe Deere began the company in 2008 after she had trouble finding the bright colorful makeup she wanted to complete clothing she was making and selling online.

Makeup offered by Lime Crime includes a Grunge Palette eye shadow and Blue Milk liquid eyeliner. The Perlees line of matte color lipstick comes in shades like denim, asphalt, or third eye lipstick. As you can tell, this is not your average makeup company. These colors are bold and bright and are sure to stand out.

Animal rights activists and vegans can all wear Lime Crime makeup without worry. The company has been cruelty free from the beginning. A lot of the makeup was originally vegan, but now it has been reformulated and is all vegan.

Lime Crime makeup is proud to give to different charities. The company has given more than $16,000 to charity organizations over the years. They have a passion for helping different organizations that help women and children, and helpless animals. Some groups that Lime Crime has given to in the past include Sanctuary for Families, which is a center for battered women, and Bideawee, which is a no-kill animal shelter.

If you’re looking for some bright colors then look no further than Lime Crime makeup. You can order from the company page at and get free shipping on orders over $50. There you can browse the different lines of lipstick, eye shadow, and eye liner available. You can also order Lime Crime from Amazon. You can get a look up close at all the colors in person if you’d prefer by stopping by one of the many Urban Outfitters locations. Regardless of how you decide to shop for Lime Crime makeup, you will never look at the old standard colors of lipstick and eye makeup the same way again.

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