Lessons Young Rally Drivers can Learn From Rodrigo Terpins

One of the fastest growing sports in Latin America is car racing. According to sports economics, the value of car racing in Brazil is expected to rise significantly in the next 12 months. One of the rally drivers that have been instrumental on this growth journey is Rodrigo Terpins. For the last 17 years, he has been active in competitive racing, and this experienced has shaped his view on racing and professionalism of car racing. In on his latest interviews, he expressed his faith that this year will be an exciting year in the racing world regarding corporate participation and the level of competition.


One of the things that make Rodrigo Terpins one of the greatest rally drivers of our time is his approach to teamwork and more importantly between the driver and navigator. He is one of the few drivers that have retained one navigator for more than eight years now. According to him, working with others is one-step to being better and being more competitive. In the last three races, for example, both his contribution as a driver and his navigator were able to challenge some of the current off-road racing statistics. Rodrigo Terpins believes that 2019 will be a year for teamwork, especially for seasoned rally drivers.


Second, Rodrigo Terpins has been able to remain competitive over the years because of his approach to competition. Just like in other sports, racing favors drivers that train and those that are disciplined. Fortunately, he comes from a sports family, and he understands the importance of training and remaining focus. In one of the interviews in 2015, he explained the impact his father played in his development as a sportsperson. He confessed that one of the lessons he learned from his father was the importance of hard work in everything. In his racing career, he has always trained hard, even in the car racing off season in Brazil.


Lastly, Rodrigo Terpins is a product of consistency. In racing, consistency is a crucial factor especially for rally drivers with big ambitions. He has had the chance to race in major races, one of them being the 2002 motorcycle competition.

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